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BRGR Stop – Coconut Creek & Ft. Lauderdale

I have this Burger Sense (kinda like Spidey sense) that we’re near BRGR Stop.

I’m making a return drive from Orlando when traffic gets backed up to a near standstill. We’re dying to get back to Miami, and if it wasn’t bad enough, the rain had been following us the entire way.

But I was right; we were 10 minutes away from BRGR Stop.

By the time my bud Nedal and I arrive, the weather is clearing up. We sit down and take a long, drawn-out look at the BRGR menu. It’s a tough choice. It’s essential to make the right decisions the first time you visit a restaurant; you can’t take this task lightly.

BRGR Stop -Menu Page 1 (click to enlarge)
BRGR Stop -Menu Page 2 (click to enlarge)

Visit #1 w/Nedal

We make all the right choices from the Captain Crunch Chicken Fingers and candied bacon bucket to the fresh-cut fries and the unbelievable jalapeño ranch dipping sauce, which was so good. How good was it? So good that if they sold it, I would have the trunk of my Tahoe filled with it.

All across the board, a slam dunk.

Captain Crunch Chicken Fingers
Colossal Onion Ring Tower
Onion Ring’s Sweet Sriracha Dipping Sauce
Candied Bacon Bucket
Fresh Cut Fries
Bacon Cheese Burger
Triple Chocolate Cake Shake

Visit #2 w/Mom, Pops & That was Dynamite

I tell my parents about how great BRGR Stop is, so we drive up on an early Sunday afternoon from their home in Westchester to meet Dynamite there. We take a seat at the same table where I sat with Nedal; I’m trying to recapture the magic. If you haven’t figured it out yet, more people means more possibilities.

We revisit some of the same dishes from last time but add bacon cheese fries, BBQ pork & bacon potato skins, Mackin cheese balls, a hot dog, and a grilled cheese. I also order the Ay Papi (50 Chorizo/50 beef blend patty topped with fire-roasted poblano pepper, manchego cheese & a poblano lime aioli) which is an excellent fit for those of you who love to add a little spice in their life.

Dynamite ate a Meatball burger that was a special they were running. He loved it.

Candied Bacon Bucket
Bacon Cheese Fries w/Jalapeño Ranch Sauce
Captain Crunch Chicken Tenders w/Jalapeño Rance & Chipotle Honey Mustard Sauces
BBQ Pork and Bacon Potato Skins
White Truffle Bacon Mackin Cheese Balls w/a Roasted Garlic, Asiago & Tomato Jam Cream Sauce
Junkyard Dog (Dog topped with homemade Pineapple Jalapeño Chutney & Potato Sticks)
Fo Sheezy (BBQ Pulled Pork, Lagunitas IPA balsamic caramelized Onions, smoked Gouda & Yellow Cheddar Cheeses)
Ay Papi Burger (50 Chorizo/50 Beef Blend patty topped with fire-roasted Poblano Pepper, Manchego Cheese & a Poblano Lime Aioli
Jalapeño & Cheddar Sausage (Jalapeno & Cheddar Sausage topped with Lagunitas IPA balsamic caramelized Onions & fire roasted Red Peppers
“Meatball” Burger
Pumpkin Spice Shake

One thing that I kinda glossed over was the shakes. I had one on each visit, and they were outrageous. There is also a handful of Breakfast Cereal Milkshakes that seemed to be driving everyone crazy at BRGR Stop.

Whenever you visit, take some time to look over the menu and take it all in. It’s overwhelming, but luckily everything is excellent.

You Just Gotta:

BRGR Stop – Coconut Creek
Instagram: @BrgrStop
Facebook: Brgr Stop
4301 Coconut Creek Pkwy
Coconut Creek, Florida


BRGR Stop – Ft. Lauderdale
Instagram: @BrgrStopFtl
Facebook: Brgr Stop Ft. Lauderdale
1930 E Sunrise Blvd
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

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