Char-Hut – Davie, Florida

Char-Hut cooks your burgers right in front of you on a two foot grill. I'm sure I don't have to tell you how intoxicating that smell is.

It was 1976 when the first Char-Hut opened its doors in an old Royal Castle building. Shortly after that Miami Gardens location, they expanded into Broward county and have since become an institution to folks there. The original spot closed many moons ago but there’s hope they’ll come back to Dade county sooner than later.

You really can’t call yourself a South Florida Burger Expert without having eaten here at least once.

Here it’s all about that char-taste. Part of the Char-Hut experience is watching your food on the grill in front of you behind protective glass after you place your order. Once cooked to your liking, you can then view the assembly of your sandwich. It’s pretty exciting, mainly as the anticipation builds when you’re starving.

When it comes to sides, the first thing that comes to most folks’ mind are fries, but you should consider the Frings. An order of frings brings skin-on fries and some of their string onion rings.

There are three burgers sizes available: 1/6 lb, 1/3 lb, and 1/2 lb patties. I’ve never even considered eating the smallest of the three. I’m a Double cheese 1/3 lb pound, aka Char-Buster kinda guy. It won’t let you down, but if you are insistent on something with a little more oomph size-wise, then the 1/2 lb Big Bite Burger. The Big Bite patty adds brisket to the burger blend mix, so you get a meatier flavor.

Oh, I almost forgot…jump on that Big Dog with chili and cheese. I’m not a fan of raw onion sliced long on hot dogs but I make do. The chili dog is excellent and brought me back to the first time I ate Char-Hut. 

The pressure might be on when you’re taking in the menu, so here’s my suggestion: Grab a Char-Buster with cheese, a chili dog, some frings, and a birch beer to wash everything down. In other words, order as I would.

1977 Char-Hut Coupon from the Miami Herald

Char-Hut Menu Page 1

Char-Hut Menu Page 2

Big-Dog with Chili & Cheese



Big Bite Burger with Cheese

Char-Buster with Cheese & Grilled Onions

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2601 N. University Drive
Sunrise, Florida

Char-Hut – Old Sunrise Location

When I was a teenager I got lost in Davie with my friend Liza Gort and we were starving with a capital S. After driving around aimlessly for what seemed like forever, we came across a Char-Hut. The drive-thru was calling out to us. We stuffed our faces and I remember in particular enjoying a chili dog that night. I never thought I would eat there again.

I hadn’t even thought of Char-Hut in years until last year when I was driving in Sunrise and came across one. I couldn’t believe it. So, flash forward to a few days ago when again I’m in Sunrise and decide to go for it.

Char-Hut Giant Sign

Iconic Char-Hut Logo

Enticing isn’t it?

Where the char-magic happens

Char-Buster with Cheese

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