Food Junkies Food Truck

If you find it hard to pick from many food options at a food truck event, the one at Seminole Casino Hollywood might be just what you need. At this event, there were ten trucks, each serving different food. I chose the one with the longest line.

Food Junkies had the longest line when I arrived and throughout my time there. I waited a while because the food took about 30 minutes for the food to come out. They mention this on their menu, explaining that they make fresh food and ask for their customers’ patience. And boy, did we need to be patient!

Food Junkies Food Truck
Food Junkies Food Truck

Looking at the menu, you could tell their cuisine is a mix of island and comfort food cuisine – two of my favorites! They offered conch, shrimp, and fish dishes alongside classics like chicken and waffles. They also had fresh baked goods and a secret punch, possibly inspired by a tasty Caribbean drink. But shh, that’s a secret!

After what felt like forever, I finally ordered at the front of the line and got my hands on some seriously delicious items.

The Comfort Food from Food Junkies

Sticky Wings with Fries from the Food Junkies Food Truck
Sticky Wings with Fries

I’m not usually into this type of dish, but Food Junkies nailed it. The waffle was the perfect base for the chicken and maple flavor. And those wings were just amazing. Even thinking about them now makes me drool. They were cooked to perfection!

Then, I tried their huge serving of seafood slaw. Honestly, for the price, this could have been my entire meal! The coleslaw tasted fresh and homemade, and its seafood was fantastic! Worth the price.

Next, I indulged in the conch balls, or what most people know as conch fritters. Usually, they’re nothing special, but Food Junkies‘ version had big, tasty chunks of conch in them!

Mystery Punch from the Food Junkies Food Truck
Mystery Punch

I was practically waddling away from the food truck after eating all that! Thankfully, I had their Super Secret Punch to wash it down. It’s so sweet; it’s almost like having dessert.

Every dish from this truck was worth the wait, and the staff appreciated our patience, which made the whole experience even better.

If you spot this truck among its devoted fans, do yourself a favor and grab a banana pudding for dessert!

Banana Pudding from the Food Junkies Food Truck
Banana Pudding

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