Gilbert’s 17th Street Grill (1821 Cordova Road, Fort Lauderdale) has some of the most excellent folks you’ll ever meet. Bob & Lenore Gilbert founded Gilbert’s in 2008 after selling their previous restaurant, the Kansas City Steakhouse.

Once you step foot inside, Leonore is usually the first to greet you. She makes you feel like you’re at her home, and you kinda are.

Their daughter Beth who runs the restaurant and her husband Chef Corwin is the other important component of the Gilbert’s 17th Street Grill magic.

There’s an old diner feel to the place too. I love everything about this.

The menu has a variety of dishes, so there’s something for everyone. Don’t miss out on checking what specials are happening on their chalkboard, always worth a look.


First and foremost, Gilbert’s 17th Street Grill is a burger joint to me. When the Sun-Sentinel’s Online Reader’s Poll crowned Gilbert’s Best Burger it confirmed that thought.

The burger was great, a solid burger. It was thick steakhouse-type with a very beefy taste. The main thing I took away from my first Gilbert’s burger was how juicy it was

After multiple visits over the years, it is imperative that you MUST have the Havarti Burger (8 oz. Certified Angus Beef Burger topped with bacon, & Havarti cheese between two toasted English Muffins with garlic butter).

The wings are available in either grilled or fried versions, tossed or not in a variety of sauces. I’m partial to the fried wings tossed in hot sauce or the sauceless grill wings with a side of blue cheese.

The Jumbo Kosher Hot dog, Panko Breaded Chicken Tenders, and Ribs are also good options as your main meal if you’re not gonna do the burger thing.

On the dessert side, there are Little Gilbert’s Kitchen Sink Cookies which are just as the name implies cookies topped with everything under the sun.

Lenore’s Key Lime Pie and Hot Apple Cobbler round out the must-have sweets on the menu. You can’t go wrong with any of these.

Gilbert’s 17th Street Grill Menu

Menu Page 1
Menu Page 2
Chalkboard at entrance

Gilbert’s 17th Street Grill Food Pictures

Grilled Buffalo Wings
Fried Buffalo Wings
Grilled BBQ Wings
Grilled Wings
Panko Breaded Chicken Tenders w/Fries
Panko Breaded Chicken Tenders top shot
Onion Rings
French Fries
Jumbo Kosher Grilled Hot Dog w/toppings
Rack of Ribs
The Sundried Tomato Pesto Burger
The Mofongo Burger
The Havarti Burger
Little Gilbert’s Smores Kitchen Sink Cookie
Mrs. G’s Homemade Apple Cobbler topped with Vanilla Ice Cream
Mrs. G’s Homemade Key Lime Pie


  1. The Havarti Burger was exceptional! I also loved the teriyaki grilled wings. I also tried their Kale Salad. I really liked it too as it was fresh with garbanzo beans, raisins for a little sweetness and some different nuts and a dressing that I grew to love. The dessert I liked the best was the baked apple pie with vanilla ice cream, sooo good! Lastly, as good as the food was the best part about this place is how great the owners and the employees treat you! BTW, we split everything just to try different things.

  2. My neighbor told me about Gilberts and I tried it last night. First off…service is excellent. Nice setting. Burger was very good. Love the portion size of the slaw too. Bun was nice and fresh…I did think it was a bit pricey. I had a mushroom/onion/cheeseburger and a small fountain drink and it was $13…then a tip for the wait staff…good burger though.

  3. Thank you so much for coming in and checking out our burger!! We are so glad you enjoyed it and look forward to having you back again. We can pretty much make anything you request and while cheesy fries with bacon may not be on the menu, please let us know it is something you would like when you come in and we would be happy to make it. Also, we are constantly trying new burger creations, any suggestions or inspirations are always welcomed!

    1. Well if I’m ever down your way from Atlanta, I’ll have to give your burgers a try…. Your old friend Renee

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