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To clear up any confusion for those of you that are uninformed in the ways of Frita history, this Morro Castle (1201 W 44th Place) in Hialeah and the now-closed Morro Castle restaurant in Little Havana were once owned by the same person.

I hold this Morro Castle close to my heart because it’s where I tried my first Frita Cubana as a kid. My father brought me here to have a Cuban Hamburger. In other words, he was using terminology that was sure to trick me into having one.

It worked, and even though a frita seemed so foreign to me back then I find it odd when I encounter someone who has never tried one.

Morro Castle restaurant is cash-only, but there is an ATM. There are tables, but I sat at the counter just like I did many years ago.

I ordered a frita, come on. What else were you expecting?

As I bit into the frita, I closed my eyes. I remember my dad looking down intently at me as I was about to try it. He was so happy that I liked it. And now, looking back, it’s where my life-long obsession with fritas started.

When I opened my eyes, the frita was gone. It was great, so I took a few to go. I called up my Pops on my way out and told him I was at Morro Castle. He mentioned that I ate my first Frita there.

Who could forget something like that?

Morro Castle Hialeah Menu

Morro Castle Hialeah Food Pictures

Pancito aka Toasted & Buttered Bread
Open Face Frita
La Frita Cubana
Bistec Empanizado with Papitas aka Breaded Steak with Fries


  1. Randomly stopped here for Cafe Con Leche at the window after indulging my hubby in a Fuddrucker Burger for lunch. (He LOVES them. I don’t get it. But whatever, he was happy)

    Was impressed with how nice the staff (and customers, which at the time included some sidearm-packing undercovers in black mercedes) was to a Gringa like me.

    Trying their Frita next time!

  2. Does anyone remember the Morro Castle that used to be on East 25 st (NW 79 st) Hialeah… about a block or two east of LeJune Rd.?? I think that one was around way before the one @ W. 44 Pl Hialeah

  3. But they use Cuban bread here, right?

    Remember, I grew up with La Palma.

    Say what you want about their fritas but they've always used Cuban bread.

  4. Never been to that one but I went to the Little Havana one a few weeks ago for the first time ever and was expecting a good frita and was not impressed.

    Funny thing is, I ordered less than ten dollars worth and I tried to pay with my debit card, which they didn't accept unless I ordered more than ten bucks, which I refused to do because I wasn't impressed.

    The chick allowed me to leave to go to an ATM, which means I could have just never gone back because I have no intention of returning anyway.

    But I did go back and pay my bill because she was nice enough to trust me.

    But damn, I wasn't impressed with their fritas at all.

    I will definitely give this one a try. Let me know when you're going again. I'll join you.

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