Morro Castle Restaurant in Hialeah, Florida

To clear up any confusion for those of you that are uninformed in the ways of Frita history, this Morro Castle (1201 W 44th Place) in Hialeah and the now-closed Morro Castle restaurant in Little Havana were once owned by the same person.

Morro Castle Menu from Hialeah, Florida
Morro Castle Menu

I hold this Morro Castle close to my heart because it’s where I tried my first Frita Cubana as a kid. My father brought me here to have a Cuban Hamburger. In other words, he was using terminology that was sure to trick me into having one.

It worked, and even though a frita seemed so foreign to me back then I find it odd when I encounter someone who has never tried one.

Frita Cubana from Morro Castle in Hialeah, Florida
Frita Cubana

Morro Castle restaurant is cash-only, but there is an ATM. There are tables, but I sat at the counter just like I did many years ago.

I ordered a frita, come on. What else were you expecting?

As I bit into the frita, I closed my eyes. I remember my dad looking down intently at me as I was about to try it. He was so happy that I liked it. And now, looking back, it’s where my life-long obsession with fritas started.

La Frita Cubana from Morro Castle in Hialeah, Florida
La Frita Cubana

When I opened my eyes, the frita was gone. It was great, so I took a few to go. I called up my Pops on my way out and told him I was at Morro Castle. He mentioned that I ate my first Frita there.

Who could forget something like that?

Don’t forget the churros!

Churros from Morro Castle in Hialeah, Florida

6 thoughts on “Morro Castle Restaurant in Hialeah, Florida”

  1. Randomly stopped here for Cafe Con Leche at the window after indulging my hubby in a Fuddrucker Burger for lunch. (He LOVES them. I don’t get it. But whatever, he was happy)

    Was impressed with how nice the staff (and customers, which at the time included some sidearm-packing undercovers in black mercedes) was to a Gringa like me.

    Trying their Frita next time!

  2. Does anyone remember the Morro Castle that used to be on East 25 st (NW 79 st) Hialeah… about a block or two east of LeJune Rd.?? I think that one was around way before the one @ W. 44 Pl Hialeah

  3. But they use Cuban bread here, right?

    Remember, I grew up with La Palma.

    Say what you want about their fritas but they've always used Cuban bread.

  4. Never been to that one but I went to the Little Havana one a few weeks ago for the first time ever and was expecting a good frita and was not impressed.

    Funny thing is, I ordered less than ten dollars worth and I tried to pay with my debit card, which they didn't accept unless I ordered more than ten bucks, which I refused to do because I wasn't impressed.

    The chick allowed me to leave to go to an ATM, which means I could have just never gone back because I have no intention of returning anyway.

    But I did go back and pay my bill because she was nice enough to trust me.

    But damn, I wasn't impressed with their fritas at all.

    I will definitely give this one a try. Let me know when you're going again. I'll join you.


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