Joe’s Diner in Naples, Florida

I always find myself in Naples, Florida, during the summer, for a day or two. My family likes to rent for a week in Marco Island, so I’ll be hunting for comfort food.

It took a few years of driving by the Joe’s Diner location on Airport-Pulling Road before I finally pulled the trigger and stopped for some grub. The time of my arrival was right around that sweet spot between breakfast and lunch.

Joe's Diner in Naples, Florida
Joe’s Diner in Naples, Florida

I was in no mood for a heavy dish, so I leaned heavily on breakfast. No pancakes, French toast, crepes, or blintzes for me; I’m talking eggs.

The Babe is a skillet with three eggs, cheddar cheese, your choice of ham, bacon, or sausage, and a side of house potatoes. It’s exactly what I was looking for, even though I was tempted to order the country sausage eggs benedict.

There are no pictures from this morning’s escapade, so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

Joe’s Diner Must Eats

Most of the time, Florida does not have the right weather for chili, but if the mood strikes you, the chili from Joe’s Diner would hit the spot. Warning, there are beans in this chili which I’m normally deadset against, but it was hearty and good.

Chili from Joe's Diner in Naples, Florida

A right on Patty Melt is the move at Joe’s Diner. Everything about this sandwich is great, including the perfectly griddled onions under the burger patty.

Once I ate the patty melt, I’ve never eaten a different dish at Joe’s. Is it odd? Sure, but that’s how much I enjoy it.

Joe’s Diner
1225 Airport-Pulling Road South
Naples, FL
(239) 435-1616

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