LoKal Burgers in Coconut Grove, Florida

LoKal Burgers (3190 Commodore Plaza, Coconut Grove) opened up to much fanfare and burger hype from the usual folks. I’ll be honest I was kind of turned off to checking this joint out because of that.

Matt, LoKal‘s owner, is a big proponent of purchasing ingredients that are sustainable and locally sourced. His passion for it convinced me that I should give it the old college try.

Great Quote

Recycled Sign?

The LoKal sign made from corkboard, the cassette tape wrapped bar, and the wooden pallet tables use all recycled goods.

Starter Talk

The fresh Alligator Strips called my name, but the New Mexico Chili had my attention the minute I looked at the menu. Riveting is how I can best describe the chili topped with Monterey Jack cheese and diced onions.

I almost channeled my inner Johnny Depp (Once Upon a Time in Mexico style) and went back to the kitchen to take care of the chef. It was so good I was eating as if someone was going to rip it away from me.

The next thing I knew, it was gone, and I still kind of miss it to this very moment.

LoKal & KUSH Burgers, Different & Yet the Same

On their original menu, I remember reading that Matt’s favorite burger is LoKal’s version of a frita. The Frita by Kush with guava jelly, melted gruyere, potato sticks, bacon, their Lokal sauce is pressed and cut in half.

I will typically go for either the house specialty or just the restaurant’s straight-up regular burger on my first visit, in this case, the Classic.

I didn’t; though, I chose Juan’s Fidy-Fidy (50% Florida ground beef & 50% Florida ground bacon, served w/ mayo, Monterrey Jack cheese, tomato, and sweet onion marmalade).

You can choose one side, and I went with the 50% sweet potato fries & 50% french fries with a side of homemade ketchup and honey mustard dipping sauces.

Take your pick; you won’t go wrong with either the regular or sweet potato fries. That honey mustard dipping sauce is stupendous.

The burger was everything you might expect and more. What got me was the smokey taste that ran throughout the burger and how fresh it felt.

The sweet onion marmalade added an excellent sugary component that cuts through slightly and complimented the meat.

Next Time at LoKal?

I’m sold, and I’m looking forward to some more chili and Classic burgers in my future or maybe the Alligator Strips and the Royale with Cheese?

I’ll figure it out.

LoKal’S Food Pictures

Chips & Homestead Guac
New Mexico-style Chili
Chili Cheeseburger
Classic Cheeseburger with Bacon
Ronald’s Better Half
Royal Castle inspired Slider
Veggie “Burger”
Key Lime Pie
Cuban Guys Banner 468 x 60

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