Pipo Burgers Restaurant in Doral, Florida

Pipo Burgers Restaurant & Food Truck

El Pipo Ramirez of the Mermelada Bunch fame has slowly built a following in Doral with his Pipo Burgers food truck.

Now, there’s a restaurant too!

Brester's Coney Island in Ocala, Florida

Brester’s Coney Island in Ocala, Florida

On February 28th, 2022, the Brester’s Coney Island Facebook page announced the restaurant’s closing due to medical reasons.

This was two weeks to the day since I ate lunch there.

Burger Barn's Supernatural Triple Cheeseburger in Hawthorne, Florida

Burger Barn in Hawthorne, Florida

Is that a barn that sells burgers? Sign me up!

Burger Barn in Hawthorne is exactly what your stomach needs if you’re into neighborhood fast food hamburgers.