Pizza Scene in Miami Lakes

It’s been a long time coming, but I’m happy to be eating at Pizza Scene again. Even though I frequent Hialeah eateries all the time, it’s seldom that you’ll find me at their northern neighbor, Miami Lakes.

Pizza Scene is a neighborhood pizza joint through and through. If I lived within a couple of miles, I’d frequent weekly at the bare minimum.

It should be no surprise that they have solid garlic rolls. This is your starting point, but don’t add cheese or dip them in marinara; that would be a crime punishable by banishment.

Garlic Rolls from Pizza Scene in Miami Lakes, Florida
Garlic Rolls

Before we jump into the Meatball Sub and Calzone, there’s a calzone to discuss. This ricotta & mozzarella cheese-filled fella comes with the standard marinara sauce on the side. 

It’s nice to see a manageable-sized calzone as opposed to these giant messes that you cut into, and everything oozes out. This beauty hit all the right notes, and I forgot to mention that I might have added sausage by mistake, whoops.

Serafino, Is That You?

Calzone from Pizza Scene in Miami Lakes, Florida

The first bite of the meatball sub brought me back to one of my favorite neighborhood pizza joints of my youth. Unfortunately, the name escapes me, but the pizzaiolo’s name was Serafino.

That guy had the magic touch, and his meatball sub was exquisite, just like this one right here. The whole wrapped in foil and letting the cheese melt in the oven is what sealed the deal for me.

Meatball Sub from Pizza Scene in Miami Lakes, Florida
Meatball Sub

Again, this reminded me of Serafino’s handiwork. A perfectly executed New York-style pepperoni pizza goes a long way, and this one is worth the traffic on the Palmetto Expressway.

If I could have folded up the entire pie and eaten a mega slice, I would have. That sounds ridiculous, but it was on my mind while enjoying my first through my fourth and final slice.

Pepperoni Pizza from Pizza Scene in Miami Lakes, Florida
Pepperoni Pizza

The homemade lasagna is another winner that’s served with 3 garlic rolls which is perfect if you wanna skip the starting point and leap right into the menu thick of things. No one is judging, but keep me posted on how it goes and what you ate.

Pizza Scene
6725 Main Street
Miami Lakes, FL
(305) 558-3212

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