Poppa Burger in Houston, Texas

It was our last day in Houston, and Fred & I were awake early. Poppa Burger was the logical option since they’re open 24 hours and have the right vibe for us.

Opened in 1963, Poppa Burger is an open-air restaurant with picnic table seating. There is a lot of construction, but their logo catches my eye as we park.

Poppa Burger uses the same logo as the Burger Boy chain in San Antonio, Texas. I’m wondering if there’s some connection between the owners.

Poppa Burger in Houston, Texas
Poppa Burger in Houston, Texas
Poppa Burger Menu from Houston, Texas
Poppa Burger Menu

But that idea quickly passes as the menu is before me, and while I’m leaning towards breakfast, can I pass up a burger?

Double Cheeseburger from Poppa Burger in Houston, Texas
Double Daddy Cheeseburger

The Double Daddy Cheeseburger comes on a soft squishy hamburger bun with a middle slice of white bread as the “club” in their double deck hamburger. Fred ate this up happily, but I was not a fan of the quality of the burger patties.

I did a little digging, and it seems these patties were switched within the last couple of years. Damn, I hope they go back to the fresh burgers of yesteryear.

Poppa Burger Must Eats

Chili Dog from Poppa Burger in Houston, Texas
Chili Dog from Poppa Burger in Houston, Texas

I was expecting to leave with another classic burger love affair, but instead, I was blown away by their chili dog. The spiral-cut wiener comes with chili, mustard & onion on a toasted bun.

Another unexpected favorite was the breakfast tacos with egg, bacon, cheese & beans. These fellas were also on point, and the salsa nailed it home.

Breakfast Tacos from Poppa Burger in Houston, Texas
Breakfast Tacos

I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that the Tortas are great, but that’ll have to wait until my next time in Houston.

Poppa Burger
1622 N Main Street
Houston, TX
(713) 227-6721

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100057602081572

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