Relish in West Palm Beach

Relish is part of an up-and-coming area in West Palm Beach, a la the Miami Design District. The restaurant name had me thrown off a bit since I took it as a food topping.

At the restaurant, I realized that it meant its other definition. When you order your burger, you are awarded one free “Relish,” but the choices are plentiful, so one alone might not do.

Relish Burger Restaurant in West Palm Beach, Florida
Relish Burger Restaurant in West Palm Beach, Florida

I ordered a burger and added the drunken onions (beer-cooked onions) with chopped bacon and Swiss cheese. But that was not all; a second burger with chopped bacon and sweet buffalo sauce with Swiss cheese found its way to my table.

Cheese Burger with Drunken Onions from Relish in West Palm Beach, Florida
Relish Burger with Drunken Onions

I was ready to chow down by the time my burgers arrived. The first up was the burger topped with drunken onions.

The beer taste was present but not overpowering. I could still taste the bacon, and the burger was juicy. It was my favorite of the two.

Sweet & Smokey Bacon Burger from Relish in West Palm Beach, Florida
Sweet & Smokey Bacon Burger

The second Relish burger was theĀ Sweet & Smokey Bacon. The buffalo sauce added some zing to the salty sweetness of the candied bacon.

Relish also offers various alternatives to beef burgers: white meat turkey, buffalo, tuna, mahi mahi, veal, crab, shrimp, black bean, lamb, wild mushroom, and lobster. And there’s an even wider variety of toppings, so the combinations seem endless.

Relish is CLOSED
401 Northwood Road
West Palm Beach, FL
(561) 629-5377

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