Sausage Shack in Orlando, Florida

A Sausage Shack in Orlando? How’d this get past me?

On average, I find myself in Central Florida about twelve times a year. Sometimes it’s only for one day, and others; it’s a weeklong excursion.

My main goal is to track down comfort food spots that you (the Burger Beast reader) and I would thoroughly enjoy. It’s still about spreading that food love around.

I was in Orlando when a friend asked if I had eaten at Sausage Shack (8441 International Drive Food Bay 3 Inside ICON). Yet? How about I didn’t even know about it, and it appears to be right up my meat-loving alley!

Sausage Shack Menu Page 1 in Orlando, Florida
Sausage Shack Menu Page 1
Sausage Shack Menu Page 2 in Orlando, Florida
Menu Page 2

My bud John takes a good long look at the menu with the added pressure that it looks like it’s about to rain. Unfortunately, there is only outdoor seating, so we might end up picnicking inside my car instead. It never did end up raining, though.

Cylindrical Meats at Sausage Shack

We didn’t go too crazy and stuck to a few essential cylindrical types of meat. We opted for the six-inch all-beef dog on a hot dog bun with deli mustard, nothing wrong with that guy.

Sausage Shack Hot Dog in Orlando, Florida
Hot Dog with deli mustard
Sausage on a roll from Sausage Shack in Orlando, Florida
Sausage on a roll
Sausage & Peppers from Sausage Shack in Orlando, Florida
Sausage & Peppers

The beer brat on a Franch roll with deli mustard was also delicious, but the mild Italian sausage & peppers are where I felt they nailed it. We were this close to ordering the Bangers & Mash but were already mid-mash potato & gravy when that revelation happened.

Mash Potato with Gravy from Sausage Shack in Orlando, Florida
Mash Potato with Gravy

Next time maybe?

There’s a Donut Dog with sweet relish, sweet hot mustard & cheese sauce on a fresh-baked roll tossed in sugar that sounds like it could go either way.

But don’t you worry your little hearts out there in Burger Beast-land about the Donut Dog; I will find out for us on my next trip to Sausage Shack in Orlando.

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