Cheeseburger Baby In Miami Beach, Florida

Welcome To Cheeseburger Baby

Cheeseburger Baby is my wife’s favorite burger joint. She swears by this place. And as far as Miami is concerned, it’s the Burger Icon on South Beach having just turned 10 years old. If you’re needing a burger fix at 3AM on a Wednesday then this is your go to place.

Whenever we’re here my wife always like to start out with an order of onion rings. They’re not homemade but they do the job plus they have a nice seasoning on them. Now, the Chili Cheese Fries are a whole other thing. These fellas are highly addictive. Yes, they’re beans in this chili but that doesn’t stop this BB machine and if you’re up to it, add some jalapeños. And I love their melting technique which I guess you’ll just have to see in person.

Onion Rings

Chili Cheese Fries

Since I love the chili it only stands to reason I’d also try the Chili Cheese Dog. The picture is a little misleading. Once you close up that bun, you’re fighting to keep everything inside. Again, I’d suggest adding jalapeños to the mix even though I’ve never had it that way. Tell me all about how great it is that way in the comments below.

Chili Cheese Dog

One of the things as of late that I’m obsessed over is the sear on the outside of a burger patty. I was watching a master at work cause my burger had one of the most beautiful sears I’ve seen. It was cooked a perfect medium and that bacon was so crunchy and delicious it belongs in a breakfast sandwich.

1/2 Pound Bacon Cheese Burger

Cheeseburger Baby has a great burger which is why they’ve outlasted all these pretenders opening up near them and trying to steal their thunder. And if you haven’t had them, you should be ashamed cause after 10 years they’re still doing it the right way, their way.

Be on the lookout  for the Cheeseburger Baby Food Truck, Coming Soon!

Who’s your baby?:

Cheeseburger Baby
Facebook: Cheeseburger Baby
Twitter: CheesebrgerBaby
1505 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach, Fl


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