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Should you be gluttonous in front of someone you barely know? (this my Sex and the City type intro). I met Burger Beast reader Brandon and his girlfriend Laura at Icebox Cafe on South Beach for some late lunch. I got there a little early so I ordered  some water to tide me over (plus it was ridiculously hot that day and we were indoors) After introductions,we discussed Food and what drives me to do the blog. Something that somehow always comes up in conversation (why Burgers?). We look over the Menu and make our moves. Laura orders the Tuna Melt Sandwich, while Brandon goes with their Pasta Dish of the Day (Spaghetti and Meatballs). I order their Kobe Burger (Gouda Cheese & Onions on a Ciabatta Roll).

Tuna Sandwich
Tuna Melt Sandwich
Spaghetti and Meatballs
Kobe Burger

While both Laura and Brandon liked their food, I loved my Burger. It took me a little bit to place what the Burger reminded me of. The flavor of the meat was very reminiscent of Al Carbon in Coral Gables.

Chocolate Cake
Chocolate Cake
Brownie Cheesecake
Brownie Cheesecake

Laura orders a chocolate cake which Brandon plans to share. Just as she was about to slice into it Brandon stops her for the pic. I order the Brownie Cheesecake. They really liked their cake while I was amazed at how good the combo of Brownie and Cheesecake were. Alright, maybe not amazed, both things separately are great so I should not have been surprised. Thanks to Brandon and Laura for meeting up.

Burgers & Desserts:

Icebox Cafe
Facebook: Icebox Cafe
1657 Michigan Avenue, Miami Beach, FL
1855 Purdy Avenue Miami Beach, Florida 33139

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