Sakaya Kitchen Has Locations At Midtown And Downtown In Miami, Florida

Generally anything with an Asian influence (Sakaya Kitchen is Asian influenced) does not get picked up by my radar. Someone had posted a picture of the Bulgogi Burger from Sakaya Kitchen and I knew right then that it was on. When I walked in, there was no need for a physical menu because it was scribbled all over the wall (not in a serial killer kind of manner though). Now as much I’d like to discuss the Bulgogi Burger, first thing is first. The Korean style Chicken Wings and Spiced Tater Tots catch my eye, which of course means I ordered them.

Korean Style Chicken Wings

The Korean Wings were deep fried and covered in a Ginger based sauce and were great. The tots were tossed in a slightly spicy sauce and were deceptively addictive.

Spiced Tater Tots

The Bulgogi Burger arrives and my eyes are mesmerized. It’s gigantic, smells awesome and dare I say, it’s beautiful. It’s topped with Spicy Cheese, Spicy Tots, Ssamjang, Pork & Spicy Mayo. The Bulgogi Burger’s Patty has a nice crust (I’m gonna go out on a limb and say it was a Bulgogi sauce ).

The Bulgogi Burger

It was an explosion of flavor and easily one of the top 3 burgers I’ve had this year. The spicy cheese sauce is so good my plans are to ask for some to dip my tots in. Even though I left content,  there was something I needed to do. It came to me a few hours later…..a Double Bulgogi Burger.


There is now a “Double Beast Bulgogi Burger” named after me because of my suggestion. It is not for the faint of heart as it is big & filling.

Double Beast Bulgogi Burger

Other things I suggest you order are:

Chunk’d Tots

K-Dog w/Kimchi Slaw

Honey Orange Baby Back Ribs

Pork Bun

Wife Hales Cookie

And even though I have no picture of it, you must get the Coconut Rice.

Two Locations to Indulge:

Sakaya Kitchen
Facebook: Sakaya Kitchen
Twitter: SakayaKitchen

On Buena Vista Ave, Between 34th & 36th at the Shops of Midtown, Miami, FL

Sakaya Kitchen on Urbanspoon

125 SE 3rd Avenue  Miami, FL 33131

Sakaya Kitchen on Urbanspoon

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  • SuperBee

    I need all of those things. NOW.

  • Anonymous

    I Looked for the Dim Ssam A Gogo truck at 57th and Coral Way with Doggi Style last week (as posted) and they were no where to be found. Again this Friday the post says they will be there from 6-9 pm. Is this a trick? Or do we need 3D glasses to see the Dim Ssam truck?

  • The Burger Beast

    That was a pretty funny comment. For some reason they didn't park there last week but they are definitely there today for sure, I saw them. Also, I'm guessing 3D glasses couldn't hurt.

  • Bennett

    This burger didn’t come together for me at all. Lots of good and interesting flavors, they just didn’t workmall at once. My mouth felt like my brain does if I try to speak English and write Spanish at the same time, and nothing comes out right.

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