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The Bar – Coral Gables, Florida

Chicken Nachos

El Rey de las Fritas

A couple of folks had been asking me to check out the Patty Melt at The Bar. I liked the atmosphere at the bar itself  a whole bunch so I took a seat there. After downing my refillable cola I decide I’m gonna take everything to go, mostly because my wife is starving and if I don’t, she wouldn’t go for the whole I eat, she waits routine.

The Patty Melt was the one thing I was 100% sure to be getting, the Cheeseburger Rolls joined in and what the hell, let’s throw in some Chicken Nachos.

Chicken Nachos
Chicken Nachos

The Nachos were topped with Cheese, Chicken chunks and Jalapeño spirals (some Pico and Sour Cream were packed up independently). They’re good and probably even great if you’re drinking but nothing new here. The Cheeseburger Bar Rolls were my favorite and I’m saying that even though pickles aren’t necessarily my favorite thing in the world.

Cheese Burger Bar Rolls
Cheese Burger Bar Rolls
Cheese Burger Bar Rolls
The insides…

The Cheeseburger Bar Rolls are Egg Rolls stuffed with Cheeseburger ingredients like Beef, Cheese, Onions, Tomatoes & Pickles. The side of Thousand Island dressing served with it did nothing for me. I can best describe them as a Hot Pocket with better ingredients. The presentation when you eat them there is a little better, not those logs you see in the picture. And that leaves the Patty Melt…

Patty Melt
Patty Melt

Is it even possible to mess up a Patty Melt? Patty Melts aren’t considered Burgers by some folks but I don’t fall in with those folks.  As long as you get the right Bread (Rye), make sure it’s nice & toasty, maybe slightly buttery, tasty Grilled Onions that mix with the melted Cheese on top of the Patty you’re golden. So how was it? I don’t think I’ve had one with Swiss Cheese before but I prefer it with American cheese. The answer is it was pretty pretay (Larry David style) good, just what you would expect. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Let’s Do This Up:

The Bar
172 Giralda Avenue, Coral Gables, FL>

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  • Steve

    Its a shame. The food there used to be really good, especially the burgers. Don't know if there was a change in ownership or just a revamp of the menu. But The Bar does have a great atmosphere and a very ample beer selection.

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