Pincho Factory – Westchester – Miami, Florida

Pincho Factory? Really? It may be named Pincho Factory but Pinchos are not even under consideration when there’s a Burger on the menu. My wife Marcela, that’s another story, she loves Pinchos (feel free to NOT leave jokes below). The girl at the counter suggested we add Fries to Marcela’s order of a Beef Pita (she agreed).  She made the same suggestion to add Fries to my Pincho Burger order, I decided to go with a side of Hot Dog (Vienna All Beef Hot Dog). Before anyone tries to ask for a side of Hot Dog, it doesn’t exist.

Fries (fried in Peanut Oil)

The Fries do not appear to be fresh cut but they were fried in peanut oil. While I’m normally not a fan of frozen Fries, these dudes were fried so perfectly in the peanut oil I couldn’t stop eating them. I considered taking a to go order of them (honestly).

Beef Pita

The Beef Pita is a Pincho with Pita Bread around it with your choice of toppings. She chose Lettuce, Tomatoes, Cucumbers as hers and she couldn’t stop raving about it. I tried it, liked the meat but I can’t get past Cucumbers since they’re high on my list of dislikes.

The Hot Dog

The Hot Dog is a Vienna dog. Just in case you live under a Hot dog Rock, this is the good stuff. The dude at the counter suggested I add Banana Peppers, Onions…..and Ketchup. Is he crazy? I didn’t add it but he assured me that it tasted great that way. If you try it that way let me know, I’d be interested in hearing what you think. I ended up adding Mustard to it after the picture was taken and was very happy with it but I should have gone with Jalapeño instead of the weaker Banana Peppers.

Pincho Burger w/Cheese

The Pincho Burger upon arrival looked ravishing. I had mine with American Cheese, Red Onions (not sure if Grilled Onions are an option), Potato Sticks and their Pink sauce. The meat has some nice seasoning on it and a great taste. Great choice of buns too! I loved it. For an extra $1 you can upgrade to a Double which I will definitely do next time I’m here. Next time I’ll also get a side of Pincho Dog (just kidding).


I’ve visited Pincho Factory so many times over the last year & a half I’m almost like a piece of old furniture here. And plenty of things have changed like they no longer use canned Potato Sticks and are now using the thin Julienne like Potatoes that can normally be found at the best Frita joints.

They have also expanded the menu and added new items. There’s their popular $2 Tuesdays where you can find $2 Slider versions of their latest creations. Some of the stuff I’ve liked, some I’ve loved and some I could have done without it but hey, that’s how it goes. I’ve posted some pics below of other things you should probably order if you drop in, and trust me, you should:

Steak Pincho

Double Cheese Burger

Sweet Potato Tots w/Copperpots’ Apple Butter

Jr. Burger

Foreman Burger – A Burger between 2 Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Cajun Fries

A Comer A:

Pincho Factory
Facebook: Pincho Factory
Twitter: @PinchoFactory
9860 Bird Road, Miami, FL

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  • Hector

    gone 2 days in a row …sooo good

  • gynell

    My kind of food!

  • Kristen H.

    Those PICTURES! Man, I miss that place!! My freakin’ mouth is watering!

  • Bode

    I love hell so did the whole family were coming back and soon