Dune Burgers on the Beach in Key Biscayne

I was invited to try out Dune Burgers on the Beach at the Ritz-Carlton in Key Biscayne. On the walk to the lounge, we took the long scenic route around the place. Dune Burgers is located on the north side of the property and close enough to the ocean to experience an awesome breeze (which I did).

Plus, there was what I’d call vacation music playing in the background, which added a nice touch to the atmosphere. I was thoroughly impressed with the Ritz-Carlton in Key Biscayne.

Dune Burgers on the Beach
Dune Burgers on the Beach

There is a Kobe Beef Burger with foie gras and grape jam on the menu, but I didn’t have it. I just wanted to make you aware of its existence, lol.

I had the Gorgonzola Burger (thick bacon and blue cheese foam) with fries. Then, I saw a combo platter on the menu with a hot dog and slider and decided, sure, why not? The burger came first, but let’s talk about the platter.

The Dune Burgers Combo Platter

Hot Dogs
Combo Platter of Hot Dogs and Sliders

The dog was an all-beef hot dog, which I topped with some Grey Poupon. It was great, and I had to rush through enjoying it cause I had a couple of sliders to meat.

The first of the sliders came with cheddar cheese and was just a smaller version of their regular-sized burger, maybe a tad bit juicier.

The second slider, a mini organic turkey burger topped with mushrooms and brie, worked well. Yes, there’s lettuce and tomato in the picture, but I removed those guys.

Dune Oceanfront Burger Lounge Mini Burgers

I’m not sure I would order a plain turkey burger here, but the brie and mushrooms really enhance it. While the fries were crispy, I didn’t really care for them.

Let’s get to the main event. Wow. Just take a look at it. This burger was so damn good; as I write this, my mouth waters. It was a great choice with the toasted bun, the blue cheese foam, the thick bacon, and the meat itself were all excellent.

Gorgonzola Burger from Dune Oceanfront Burger Lounge in Key Biscayne, Florida
Gorgonzola Burger

Here I am a few days later, and I can’t get over how delicious it was. And that bacon with its smokiness…..I wanted to run into their kitchen and stuff my pockets with it, no joke.

With the weather cooling down at last in Miami, now’s a good time to come check out Dune Burgers on the Beach. I want to thank the Ritz-Carlton for the invitation, and when you check out this burger, I ask one thing.

Please save some bacon for me!

Dune Burgers on the Beach
455 Grand Bay Drive
Key Biscayne, FL
(305) 365-4500

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