Pincho Factory’s That’s What She Said Hot Dog

Pincho Factory’s not doing a specialty burger this week, instead they’re going with a 12 inch hot dog they’re calling  “That’s What She Said”.

That's What She Said Hot Dog

It’s a 1/2 pound all Beef Hot Dog, with Turkey Bacon (not pictured but very awesome), provolone cheese, topped with our newest Pineapple Sauce, our “Secret” Pink Sauce, and crushed Lays Potato Chips.Let’s not forget the brioche bun which is so good. This schlonger is available til Sunday so let’s do this.

Pincho Factory
Facebook: Pincho Factory
Twitter: @PinchoFactory
9860 Bird Road, Miami, FL


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  • ili

    Looks like something I would try. Even though I don’t like cheese on certain things.

    I’ve also come across quiet a few pictures of these burgers. I think i’ll take a trip to Westchester this Sunday and.
    In The Beast we Trust !

    Is this the same location the ” Original ” Rio Crystal used to be located ?

  • Tim

    looks very reminiscent of a yellow dog… how does it stack up?

  • Hector

    had one yesterday! amazing! “thats what she said”