Sakaya Kitchen Downtown opens Monday December 12th

If you’re driving in Downtown Miami it’s gonna be a little difficult to miss a giant Neon Pig.

Sakaya Kitchen Downtown Neon Sign

Sakaya Kitchen Downtown - The New Digs

The doors officially open this Monday December 12th at 11AM. The Sakaya Kitchen downtown outpost’s hours will be Monday – Friday from 11AM – 9PM and Saturday 12PM – 9PM. The menu has all of your favorites from the Orange Ribs and Pork Buns to the 2 time Burgie Award Winner for Best Non Traditional Burger, the Bulgogi Burger.

Orange Ribs

Pork Bun

Sakaya Downtown also features desserts from Chef Richard Hales’ new Baketress concept as well as Panther Coffee and a large selection of craft beers with a few on tap.

Bacon Chocolate Donut

Chunk'd Donut Hole

Sakaya Kitchen Downtown Beer Selection

Since I’m a giant cola fan it’s great to hear that Sakaya Kitchen will be carrying a full line sugar cane colas soon. Til then, see you in downtown for a rib and a donut.


Sakaya Kitchen – Downtown Location
Facebook: Sakaya Kitchen
Twitter: SK2Downtown
Address: 125 SE 3rd Ave, Miami, FL 33131

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