A&W Pappa Burger

One of the things that I asked about when I visited the A&W restaurant headquarters was the addresses of all the A&W drive-ins in the area. We were headed straight down from Lexington, Kentucky, to Atlanta, Georgia. The A&W Drive-in on our path to Atlanta ended up being in Madisonville, Tennessee.

After I had made a big deal about wanting to get curb service at an A&W, my wife Marcela and I ended up ordering from the window. We then sat on a bench where we shared our food.

I know, sharing is a bad word when it comes to tasty food. On these long road trips, we like to share since we make multiple stops. It’s the only way to eat at every restaurant that looks great from city to city.

We kept it simple this time with a Papa Burger, fries, and a root beer float.

The Papa Burger is a double cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles, and A&W Papa Sauce. The bun is fluffy and comes toasted as well. No complaints here, the Papa hit the spot.

The fries were crispy, and after some dipping ketchup was added on the side, they disappeared before we knew it.

I’m almost embarrassed to discuss the A&W Root Beer Float. You can’t go wrong with their freshly made root beer. Then you add some vanilla soft serve to the equation, and you’ll be in heaven like I was.

Root Beer Float

A&W Drive-In
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Madisonville, Tennessee

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