Batch Gastropub in Brickell

In 2015, during the Amstel Light Burger Beast Challenge, I ate at Batch Gastropub in Brickell. I was specifically there to try their specialty burger, the Batch Attack.

The tomato soup with grilled cheese croutons and the chili glaze wings caught my eye while waiting for a friend. So, I pulled the trigger on those as starters.

Soup from Batch Gastropub in Brickell, Florida
Grilled Cheese Croutons in Tomato Soup

When the soup arrives, my first thought is…I hope my friend gets here after I’m done since I wasn’t in the sharing mood. Those grilled cheese croutons made the dish.

Not to take anything away from the creaminess of the tomato soup, but those little fellas next leveled this bowl of deliciousness.

The chili glaze wings arrive shortly afterward, about the same time my friend takes a load off on the chair across from me. We split the wings, three for her and three for me.

Chili Glaze Wings from Batch Gastropub in Brickell, Florida
Chili Glaze Wings

I took all the wings, and they got the flats. Well, those are the breaks if you’re sharing wings with me.

The wings were crispy breaded and then tossed in your choice of sauce. The chili glaze has just a hint of spice with sweetness.

I like a little more heat and less sweet, but my pal enjoyed her three. Tossed in buffalo hot sauce is on deck for my next visit.

Batch Attack Burger

I’m not a fan of these burgers with excessive amounts of toppings. When they’re piled so high that you would need to unhinge your jaw to secure a first bite, there’s a problem.

Yet, somehow, I love this ridiculous Batch Attack Burger (brisket burger, gnocchi mac attack patty, aged gruyere cheese, Jameson-pecan Batch bacon). The truth is, the gnocchi mac attack patty was the perfect side dish.

Batch's Batch Attack Burger from Batch Gastropub in Brickell, Florida
Batch Attack Burger

The Batch Attack was cooked to a perfect medium, as requested. We were in business once the mac-n-cheese patty, lettuce, and tomato were removed.

The burger patty with the aged gruyere cheese, pecan bacon, and caramelized onions was excellent. A fantastic burger was found once I made that mac-n-cheese patty into a side dish.

Batch Gastropub
30 SW 12th Street
Miami, FL
(305) 808-5555

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Monday 4:00 pm – 1:00 am
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