Don Mofongo Food Truck

The original Don Mofongo Food Truck opened in April 2012. Alicia & Wilson’s (the owners of Don Mofongo) vision was to bring a mix of Puerto Rican and Dominican dishes to the then rapidly expanding food truck scene of South Florida.

Don Mofongo Food Truck
Don Mofongo Food Truck

The Mofongo in Don Mofongo comes from the Puerto Rican dish ​​of fried green plantains smashed with chicharrones (pork rinds) and a housemaid garlic sauce. It is the most popular dish they serve and is available with either chicken, churrasco, longaniza (chorizo), pernil (slow-roasted pork), pork (chunks), or shrimp.

Don Mofongo Food Truck Pork Mofongo
Pork Mofongo
Don Mofongo Food Truck Chicharrones with Pork & Tostones
Chicharrones with Pork & Tostones

If I suggest something for you to try, it will be the Chimi (aka, the Dominican burger). The Chimi is a seasoned beef patty on a Dominican water roll topped with shredded cabbage, carrots, onions, tomato, and pink sauce (variations on this sandwich exist).

The good folks at Don Mofongo love their fans, so if you follow them on social media, don’t be surprised if your picture ends up with a custom thank you. Unsurprisingly, their fans reciprocate by supporting them by eating their grub since they are always one of the most popular trucks at whichever event you may find them at.

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