Bennett's Fresh Roast Donut Display Case

Bennett’s Fresh Roast (1020 Periwinkle Way, Sanibel) was our third stop in our 4 hour Sanibel/Captiva food-escapade, Schnapper’s Hots & the Bubble Room were stops 1 & 2. We’re here exclusively for freshly made donuts. We ask the only logical question, what’s the most popular doughnut at Bennett’s?

I’m pretty sure I could have guessed the Maple Bacon Donut because it was a thing of beauty with real bacon made daily, not that freeze-dried and then nuked bacon going around.

A couple of the sandwiches on Bennett’s lunch menu look interesting like the Bennett’s Donut Dog: A “long john” donut split down the middle and loaded with an amazing Nueske’s® Applewood Smoked Hot Dog, Bennett’s homemade chili, BBQ sauce, honey mustard, and cheddar cheese.

There was also a Chicken & Donut: A fresh-made Bennett’s Donut (no icing or glaze), halved and smothered in fresh homemade chicken gravy made with fresh house-roasted and brined premium chopped chicken breast meat, cream, seasonings, and vegetables including diced carrots, green beans, and corn).

My friend Joakinn asks for a Glazed & a Boston Creme Donut while I order up a Glazed, Maple Bacon, and a Maple Toffee Crunch for Marcela. We have them packed up together, and I take a Glazed Donut test bite in the car on the way to our next stop.

It was a great sneak peek but did not prepare me for the Maple Bacon, which was off the charts. The Maple Toffee Crunch (Heath Bar) Doughnut was received well by Marcela, but the Boston Creme’s fate was less glamorous. Some ants hiding out in my kitchen found it and had their way with it, those heathens.

Bennett's Fresh Roast Donut Display Case
Display Case
Maple Bacon Donut
Maple Bacon Donut
Bennett's Fresh Roast Donut Box
Donut Box
Bennett's Fresh Roast Coffee Mug
Bennett’s Fresh Roast Coffee Mug
Bennett's Fresh Roast Donut Dog
On a return visit a few months later with Marcela I ate the Donut Dog

The Bennett’s Fresh Roast location at Sanibel is closed but you can still hit up

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