Burger King’s NEW Retro Logo Out in the Wild

Burger King recently announced a change in branding, a throwback to their classic look. The new logo gets rid of that tacky blue swish and introduces a logo that seems familiar. It resembles the one I grew up with and loved in childhood and earlier years.

I’ve studied Burger King and its history for fun and extensively for my book, All About the Burger. I was also a Burger King kid. My parents have pictures of my sister and me with the Magical Burger King. I still know all the names of the characters from the Burger King Kingdom. My most significant collection of restaurant memorabilia is from Burger King.

Burger King Logos through the years
Burger King Logos through the years

I felt a sense of nostalgia overcome me when I drove by a shuttered Burger King. It is right across the street from where my Burger Museum lived for three years.

We would frequent it on late nights, and it was one of the few BKs testing the fresh beef Whopper. It was 2 miles down the street from their corporate headquarters but always seemed dingier than the main store on NW 57th Ave and 7th Street.

Recently, it seemed to be stuck in a state of repair or remodel, but someone changed the side outside. I knew it was not an old sign, but it looked like an update.

You can see the picture I took of it up above for yourself. I sent it to a few of my historian friends, and they knew nothing about it. They thought I might be looking into it too much, but I was right.

Embracing Burger King History

Burger King isn’t exactly known for embracing its history. I know that the only retro Burger King building in McDonald’s home state of Illinois.

There is nothing in its hometown of Miami, Florida. Most BK restaurants do not celebrate their rich history, which is shameful. It’s one of the things that keeps me attached to them emotionally.

It reminds me of having fries and shakes with my late grandparents, of a walking field trip to Burger King from Rockway Elementary…it reminds me of better times.

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