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After a friend of mine gave me a Burger Chef sign, I obsessively looked up stories online about the long-gone burger chain. I had never eaten at one and, unfortunately, never would be able to. It was a sense of nostalgia for something that I missed out on that caused me to start a Burger Chef collection.

Then the burger chain collection bug bit me. After storing everything in my parent’s spare bedroom (my old bedroom, as a matter of fact) for years, I was forced to act when they needed the room back.

Initially, a portion of the collection was on display in my company’s offices, but it quickly outgrew that space after 2 years.

I Visited the Burger Beast Burger Museum Sticker

The more than 1500 square foot Burger Museum by Burger Beast featured over 3000 pieces of historical artifacts, collectibles & ephemera (paper items that were meant to be discarded like, for example, napkins or wrappers) from all over the United States.

Burger Beast’s extensive collection featured everything from a 1950s Krystal Waitress Uniform, and an early 1960s Burger King Menu Board, to a 1970s Burger Queen Sign.

I would eventually write about the histories of many of the burger chains in my book All About the Burger. The Burger Museum opened in December 2016 and closed its doors permanently on Sunday, September 29th, 2019.

Burger Museum's Main Room
Burger Museum’s Main Room

Burger Museum Video Walkthrough

My friend Steve Lantz was the last person at the Burger Museum during its closing day. He filmed a phenomenal walkthrough video and captured the beauty of my labor of love.

Burger Museum Pictures

Officer Big Mac Statue at Burger Beast Burger Museum
Officer Big Mac Statue
Kewpee artifacts from the Burger Museum
Kewpee Hotel Hamburgs
LUMS chalkboard and sign from the Burger Museum
Dog 'n Suds area at the Burger Museum
Dog n Suds
Burger Queen Sign at the Burger Museum
Burger Chef & Burger Queen

More Videos about the Burger Museum

Burger Trip checks out the Burger Museum
The Flept visited the Burger Museum

The Burger Museum Collection

Below you can find a listing of the restaurants & brands with artifacts that were on display at the Burger Museum by Burger Beast.

Burger Restaurants (l-r alphabetical)

A&WAbdow Hi BoyAlphy’s
Andy’s Country Fresh HamburgersBarter’s Drive-InBell’s Burgers
Big BoyBilly Goat TavernBlue Bell
Bob’s Big BoyBorden BurgerBun Boy
Burger Boy Food-O-RamaBurger BroilBurger Castle
Burger ChefBurger KingBurger Queen
Carl’s Jr.CarrolsChampBurger
Coco’sDruther’sEat ‘n Park
Elby’s Big BoyElias Brothers Big BoyFlakey Jake’s
Flint’sFrisch’s Big BoyFuddrucker’s
Gino’s HamburgersGoody GoodyHardee’s
HiBoyHowdy Beef’n BurgerIn-N-Out (Irvine, California)
In N’ Out (Gainesville, Florida)Jack in the BoxJiffy Drive-in
Joe’s Cable CarJustRiteKewPee
Kings KastlesKings-XKrystal
Lendy’sLittle Tavern ShopsLone Ranger Restaurant
Lujan’sLUMSManners Big Boy
McDonald’sMcDonald’s SmackBurgerMeers Store and Restaurant
Mr. FablesRally’sRed Barn
Red RobinRichard’s Carfeteria Drive-InRockybilt System
Royal CastleSandy’sSilver Castle
Sno-white Drive-InSonic Drive-InSteak ‘n Shake
Tastee-FreezTayler’s Maid-RiteWendy’s
Wetson’sWhataburgerWheel Inn Drive-In
White CastleWhite TavernWhite Tower Hamburgers
Wimpy GrillsWoody’s SmorgasBurgerWuv’s Hamburgers

Comfort Food Restaurants

  1. Abner’s
  2. Arby’s
  3. Beefsteak Charlie’s
  4. Bob Evans
  5. The Bon
  6. Bonanza
  7. Captain D’s
  8. Chi-Chi’s
  9. Chicken Delight
  10. Chicken in the Rough
  11. Chicken Unlimited
  12. Chuck E. Cheese
  13. Church’s Fried Chicken
  14. Columbia
  15. Cook Book
  16. Country Kitchen
  17. Cracker Barrel
  18. Dairy Queen
  19. Danny’s Donuts
  20. Denny’s
  21. Dog n Suds
  22. Dunkin’ Donuts
  23. Farrell’s
  24. Godfather’s Pizza
  25. Happy Chef
  26. Heap Big Beef
  27. Hilltop Steakhouse
  28. Hobo Joe’s
  29. Hot Shoppes
  30. Howard Johnson’s
  31. Huddle House
  32. International House of Pancakes (IHOP)
  33. Jim Dandy
  34. Kenny King’s
  35. Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)
  36. Kentucky Roast Beef
  37. King Cole
  38. Little Red Hen
  39. McCrory’s
  40. Minnie Pearl’s Fried Chicken
  41. Mister Donut
  42. Mister Softee
  43. Mr. Steak
  44. Mr. Swiss
  45. Nathan’s
  46. Pickin’ Chicken
  47. Pizza Hut
  48. Planet Hollywood
  49. Po Folks
  50. Ponderosa
  51. Popeye’s
  52. Rax
  53. Red Lobster
  54. Rexall Drugs
  55. Richards
  56. Roy Rogers
  57. Sambo’s
  58. Shakey’s
  59. Showbiz Pizza Place
  60. Sisters Chicken & Biscuit
  61. Steak and Ale
  62. Stuckey’s
  63. Subway
  64. Swensen’s
  65. TGI Friday’s
  66. Toddle House
  67. Tony Roma’s
  68. The Varsity
  69. Waffle House
  70. Wag’s
  71. Walgreen Agency
  72. Walgreen’s
  73. Winchell’s Donuts
  74. Woolworth
  75. Yogi Bear’s Honey Fried Chicken

South Florida

  1. 11th Street Diner
  2. 94th Aero Squadron
  3. Arbetter’s
  4. Bennigan’s
  5. Biscayne Cafeteria
  6. Black Angus
  7. Burger Farm
  8. Burger House
  9. Cafe Tu Tu Tango
  10. Casa Juancho
  11. Centro Vasco
  12. Cheeseburger Baby
  13. Chuck’s Steakhouse
  14. Cisco’s Cafe
  15. Coral Park Market
  16. The Corn Beef King
  17. Dade County Youth Fair
  18. Dalt’s Grill
  19. Dixieland
  20. Eden Roc Hotel
  21. El Cid
  22. El Establo
  23. El Mago de as Fritas
  24. El Novillo
  25. El Rey de las Fritas
  26. Flagler Dog Track
  27. Flanigan’s
  28. Florida Marlins
  29. Frankie’s Pizza
  30. Gabe’s
  31. Gatsby’s
  32. Hamburger Circus
  33. Hamburger Heaven
  34. Hereford Grill
  35. Hobby House
  36. Hog’s Breath Saloon
  37. Hunter’s Lounge
  38. Jahn’s
  39. Jimbo’s
  40. Joe’s Stone Crab
  41. Junior’s
  42. Koky’s
  43. Krispy Kreme Doughnuts
  44. La Carreta
  45. La Casita Criolla
  46. La Cocina Puertorriqueña
  47. La Paloma
  48. Laurenzo’s
  49. Les Violins
  50. Lila’s
  51. Los Ranchos
  52. Malibu Grand Prix
  53. McLamore’s
  54. Miami Dolphins
  55. Miami Heat
  56. Monty’s
  57. My Sister’s Drive-Inn
  58. New York New York Deli
  59. News Cafe
  60. Paramount Soda Shop
  61. The Pit Bar-B-Q
  62. Planet Hollywood
  63. Playboy Club
  64. Pumpernik’s
  65. Ranch House
  66. Rascal House
  67. Rio Cristal
  68. Royal Carousel
  69. Rudy’s Steak Sirloin Burgers
  70. Scottys Drive-Inn
  71. Shivers BBQ
  72. Shorty’s Bar-B-Q
  73. Steve’s Pizza
  74. Sweden House
  75. Swensen’s
  76. Tony Roma’s
  77. Trianon
  78. TropiBurger
  79. Tropicaire Drive-In
  80. Tylers
  81. Velvet Creme Doughnuts
  82. West Flagler Kennel Club
  83. Wolfie’s


  1. 7-11
  2. 7-UP
  3. A.1. Sauce
  4. AmPm
  5. Bacardi
  6. Batman
  7. Bireley’s
  8. Borden’s Ice Cream
  9. BurgerTime
  10. Charles Chips
  11. Cherry RC Cola
  12. Circus Circus
  13. Coca Cola
  14. Coco Rico
  15. Countess Cookies
  16. Crystal Pepsi
  17. Dandee Potato Chips
  18. Diet Pepsi
  19. Double Cola
  20. Dr. Pepper
  21. Frank’s
  22. French’s Mustard
  23. Froot Loops
  24. Hamburger America
  25. Hamburger Helper
  26. Hawaiian Punch
  27. Holiday Inn
  28. ICEE
  29. IronBeer
  30. K-Mart
  31. Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes
  32. Knott’s Berry Farm
  33. Krunchers
  34. Libby’s Corned Beef
  35. Like
  36. Los Angeles Zoo
  37. Martin’s
  38. Materva
  39. Mel-O-Bit American Cheese
  40. Moxie
  41. Mrs. Butterworth
  42. Mug Root Beer
  43. The New Era Potato Chips
  44. Pee Wee Cola
  45. Pepsi Cola
  46. Pepsi Free
  47. Pringles
  48. RC Cola
  49. S&H Green Stamps
  50. Sears
  51. Tab
  52. Texaco
  53. Tom Boy Dill Hamburger Slices
  54. Tootsie Roll
  55. Universal Studios Florida
  56. Walt Disney Studios
  57. Wild Cherry Pepsi
  58. Wilson’s B-V
  59. Wimpy
  60. WISE Potato chips
  61. YooHoo

Press About the Burger Museum

Historical Food Posts on BurgerBeast.com

Here are a bunch of posts that you will enjoy.

Dinner at the Burger Museum

The Burger Museum hosted many events in its three years of operation, but my favorite was Night at the Burger Museum.

In December 2018, old dishes from classic restaurants were re-envisioned in 5 courses by the very talented Chefs Phil Bryant and Veronica Valdivia.

Tables were set up inside the museum, and attendees also received a history lesson at the beginning of each course on the origins of the dish.

Packed house at the Burger Museum
Packed house at the Burger Museum
Night at the Burger Museum Menu
Night at the Burger Museum Menu
Welcome Cocktail by Havana Club
Welcome Cocktail by Havana Club
Yumbo inspired croquetas
Course 1: Yumbo inspired croquetas
Yumbo inspired ham croquetas stuffed with cheese
Yumbo inspired ham croquetas stuffed with cheese
Chicken Cordon Bleu Soup
Course 2: Chicken Cordon Bleu Soup
Cheese Toast
Cheese Toast
Pit Beef Bao Bun
Course 3: Pit Beef Bao Bun
MIA Beer 305 Golden Ale
MIA Beer 305 Golden Ale
Double Deck Hamburger with Red Relish
Course 4: Double Deck Hamburger with Red Relish
David Rosendorf with his Happy Box of cookies
David Rosendorf with his Happy Box of cookies
Course 5: One of the cookies was a Ronald McDonald sugar cookie
Course 5: One of the cookies was a Ronald McDonald sugar cookie