Remembering BurgerQue in Fort Myers

I freakin’ love BurgerQue! There, I said it. I got it out of my system. What’s not to love about burgers and barbeque? Since my last visit to BurgerQue (3852 Cleveland Avenue, Fort Myers), they added a beer garden with a great outdoor seating area. You can still walk up to the window or drive-thru for to-go orders.

BurgerQue in Fort Myers, Florida
BurgerQue in Fort Myers, Florida
BurgerQue Outdoor Counter
Outdoor Counter

BurgerQue is not a fast-food joint. Most folks will take one look at it and assume that it is terrible for two reasons. First, the food is not fast food, as there is much depth of flavor. Second, you’re not going to get your order in 120 seconds. It’s going to take a little longer than to get something this good.

Burrito from BurgerQue in Fort Myers, Florida

My cousin Fred had never been to BurgerQue, and in true Fred fashion, he ordered the BQ Burrito. He always seems to order the oddest thing on the menu. You’d think he’d have a burger or some ‘cue, but as my Mom would say, to each their own.

Chips with Sausage Gravy from BurgerQue in Fort Myers, Florida
Chips with Sausage Gravy

He did have the chips with sausage gravy.

Side Note: The Sausage Gravy at BurgerQue is perfect.

BurgerQue Food Talk

DoubleMeat DoubleCheese Burger from BurgerQue in Fort Myers, Florida
DoubleMeat DoubleCheese Burger

I had the can’t-miss chili cheese dog and the DoubleMeat DoubleCheese Burger. BurgerQue‘s standard dressing is ketchup, mustard, mayo, lettuce, and pickles, but I opted out of the lettuce and pickles. I need to expand my burger horizons at BurgerQue because there are some other dynamite-sounding patties on the menu.

If I lived in Fort Myers, I’d frequent this spot weekly. Since I don’t, I take a to-go order of a brisket sandwich (dinner later), a pulled pork sandwich (snack on the drive back), and a half rack of St. Louis-style ribs with a heavy char for Marcela at home.

You may not want to believe the amount of self-control it takes to not ravage those ribs with that intoxicating BBQ smell everywhere in the car.

Don’t put yourself through what I just did. Instead, head to BurgerQue, sit in their beer garden, and enjoy your entire meal there.

BurgerQue Menu

Menu BurgerQue in Fort Myers, Florida
BurgerQue Menu

More BurgerQue Food Pictures

Cornbread from BurgerQue in Fort Myers, Florida
Tater Tots from BurgerQue in Fort Myers, Florida
Tater Tots

Final Thoughts

On December 9th, 2020, BurgerQue owner Tim Mankin passed away in a tragic car accident. BurgerQue closed permanently the following week.

Tim was one of the good guys and a fellow burger brother. He and his food will be sorely missed.

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