CosMc's Restaurant in Bolingbrook, Illinois at Night

CosMc’s Restaurant Menu by McDonald’s

Check out the menu and find out why people think the new CosMc’s restaurant by McDonald’s opening in Bolingbrook, IL, is meant to compete with Starbucks.

Triple Cheese Burger from Pipo Burgers in Doral, Florida

Pipo Burgers Restaurant & Food Truck

El Pipo Ramirez of the Mermelada Bunch fame has slowly built a following in Doral with his Pipo Burgers food truck.

Now, there’s a restaurant too!

Bacon King at Burger King #17 in North Miami, Florida

Eating Burgers for Breakfast at Burger King

If you’re on their app, Burger King has a “Burgers for Breakfast” category.

I enjoy having the option of a Double Cheeseburger with tots in the morning, even though it won’t be a regular thing for me.

McDonald's Chicken Big Mac Header

I Ate the McDonald’s Chicken Big Mac

McDonald’s initially tested the Chicken Big Mac in the Miami, Florida market. The new sandwich replaces the beef patties with tempura chicken patties, ala the chicken nuggets.

This Week in Fast Food Restaurant News

This Week in Fast Food News

This week has been chock full of fast food news.

If you follow me on social media (Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter), you may have seen me mention some of these.