Burgers for Breakfast at Burger King

Lately, I’ve been checking out what all these food apps offer. Then I saw “Burgers for Breakfast” on the Burger King app one morning.

Last Wednesday, a Croissan’wich with tots & orange juice was my breakfast when I was running around taking care of errands. I was intrigued cause that option is not on the BK breakfast drive-thru menu near me.

Burger King's Burgers for Breakfast
The Breakfast Menu on the Burger King App

So this morning, after making myself a cafe con leche, I opened up their app & ordered my favey, the Double Cheeseburger with a side of tots. Twenty-five minutes later, a fella on a scooter showed up at my front door with my order.

After opening the bag, I was excited to see the wrapped sandwich. My dogs (Elsa & Shelley) are circling by this time, and I buy myself some time with a couple of tots.

Everything was still piping hot. That first bite of the double cheeseburger put me on cloud nine.

Elsa and Shelley are back and showing no signs of giving up. Finally, after paying up with more tots, I’m left alone to finish my sandwich.

The amount of crispy potato wheels has now dwindled to a handful. It’s decision time.

The Perfect Burgers for Breakfast Combo
The Perfect Breakfast Combo
A Double Cheeseburger for Breakfast at Burger King
A Double Cheeseburger for Breakfast
Tater Tots from Burger King's Burgers for Breakfast
Tater Tots

The last few tots could be popped like tictacs in between bites, as usual, OR find their way into my double chee.

Very much like the knight told Indiana Jones, I chose wisely. How is this not on the menu?

This should be a thing, trust me.

Burger King has Burgers for Breakfast
I stuffed tots into my Double Cheeseburger

Now I need to work on getting one of those limited-time Quad Stackers stuffed with ’em. Let’s hope Burger King adds them to the Burgers for Breakfast menu!

Burger King Quad Stacker

Burger King Quad Stacker
Burger King Quad Stacker

A few days after my Burgers for Breakfast, I hit the Burger King nearest to my parent’s home in Westchester for a Quad Stacker. It was lunchtime, and sure, I could have gone the double or triple route, but there was a quadruple available.

Inside a Burger King Quad Stacker
Inside a Burger King Quad Stacker

Could the cheese have been melted a little more? Yes

Was it tasty? Absolutely

Would I eat it again? I’ll stick to doubles; they’re more my speed.

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