Burgers for Breakfast at Burger King?

So, recently, I’ve been exploring all these food apps to see what they’ve got. And guess what? One morning, I stumbled upon something called “Burgers for Breakfast” on the Burger King app.

Last Wednesday, while I was hustling around, trying to handle my errands, I decided to go all out and have a Croissan’wich with a side of tots and a refreshing orange juice for breakfast. The thing is, I was totally hooked because this awesome option wasn’t even on the regular breakfast drive-thru menu at my local BK joint. Can you believe it?

Burger King's Burgers for Breakfast
The Breakfast Menu on the Burger King App

Check out the endorsement‘s thoughts on Burger King Burgers for Breakfast:

the endorsement tries BK Burgers for Breakfast

Alright, picture this: I whipped up a delicious cafe con leche this morning to start my day. Then, with a burst of excitement, I launched the Burger King app on my phone and placed my usual order—a lip-smacking Double Cheeseburger with a side of crispy tots.

Fast forward twenty-five minutes, and there’s this dude cruising on a scooter right up to my front door, handing me my long-awaited feast.

I eagerly unraveled the fast food package, revealing the glorious, perfectly wrapped sandwich. At this point, my pooches, Elsa and Shelley, were practically doing laps around me, eagerly awaiting their share of culinary goodness. So, I bought myself a little time by sneaking a couple of tots their way, keeping them at bay just a bit longer.

Man, let me tell you, everything in that order was still steaming hot. As soon as I sank my teeth into that heavenly double cheeseburger, I swear I was transported to cloud nine. Pure bliss, my friend.

But here’s the thing: Elsa and Shelley, my furry little partners in crime, weren’t about to let me enjoy my meal in peace. They came back, more determined than ever, begging for a taste. So, in a desperate attempt to buy some solitude, I bribed them with a few more tots. It worked—for a little while.

Now, here I am, left with just a handful of those crispy potato wheels. It’s crunch time, my friend. I gotta make a decision. Should I savor them slowly, relishing each and every bite, or do I go all out and devour them in one glorious, crispy potato frenzy? Choices, choices…

The Perfect Burgers for Breakfast Combo
The Perfect Breakfast Combo
A Double Cheeseburger for Breakfast at Burger King
A Double Cheeseburger for Breakfast
Tater Tots from Burger King's Burgers for Breakfast
Tater Tots

Burgers for Breakfast Pro Move

You know the drill – those last precious tots were begging to be devoured, either as quick little poppable treats in between bites or strategically inserted into my double cheeseburger.

And let me tell you, just like that wise knight advised Indiana Jones; I made the right call. Seriously, why isn’t this genius combo on the regular menu? It’s a game-changer, I’m telling you.

Burger King, if you’re listening, take notes! This needs to be a permanent thing because, trust me, it’s a taste sensation that shouldn’t be kept a secret.

Burger King has Burgers for Breakfast
I stuffed tots into my Double Cheeseburger

Now I’ve got a new mission in life: scoring one of those limited-time Quad Stackers packed with those glorious tots. I mean, can you imagine the epicness? It’s a dream combo that needs to become a reality.

Burger King, listen up! Add this masterpiece to your Burgers for Breakfast menu, and you’ll have a customer for life. Trust me; people will flock to experience the ultimate morning indulgence. Let’s make it happen!

Burger King Quad Stacker

Burger King Quad Stacker
Burger King Quad Stacker

A few days after my mind-blowing Burgers for Breakfast experience, I found myself at the Burger King closest to my parent’s place in Westchester, craving some serious satisfaction. It was lunchtime, and I had a decision to make.

Sure, I could have settled for the double or triple options, but guess what? The Quad Stacker was calling my name, and I couldn’t resist its four-patty charm. It was time to unleash the beast!

Inside a Burger King Quad Stacker
Inside a Burger King Quad Stacker

Now, let’s get real for a moment. Could the cheese on that Quad Stacker have been melted a tad bit more? Yeah, I gotta admit, it could’ve used a little extra gooeyness.

But hey, despite that minor flaw, was it still delicious? Oh, heck yeah! The flavor was on point, and I savored every juicy bite.

But if I had to make a choice, you know what? I’ll stick to my trusty doubles. They’re more in line with my burger-eating speed. Sometimes, it’s all about finding that perfect balance between flavor and practicality. Double stack it is, my friend.

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