Sandwicheria en Hialeah, Florida

We’re coming up on four years since I checked in at Sandwicheria. They recently relocated to the old Cuban Guys spot in Westland Mall.

Westland, as in Hialeah…stop it. You’re more than likely thinking; I’m not going to Hialeah. Well, your loss. is located conveniently right off the Palmetto Expressway and a couple of lights down on 49th Street. There’s also plenty of parking.

Inside Sandwicheria in Hialeah, Florida
Inside Sandwicheria

Marcela and I felt we were picking up where we left off in early 2019.

Lemonade from Sandwicheria in Hialeah, Florida

Went to the old faithful starters with Plantanitos en Tentacion and Medio Dia Croquettes. The latter is sweet plantains wrapped in bacon with five-spice syrup on a bed of sour cream.

It is not for every taste, and the execution was a little off; the bacon needs to be a bit more crispy. However, the flavor was spot on.

Platanitos en Tentacion from Sandwicheria in Hialeah, Florida
Platanitos en Tentacion
Media Dia Croquettes from Sandwicheria in Hialeah, Florida
Media Dia Croquettes

The Media Dia Croquettes are fried spheres filled with ham, Swiss cheese, pickles & bechamel served with a mustard dipping sauce. These fellas are recommended!

What about the Burger?

Regarding the burger, let’s skip all the pleasantries; it’s phenomenal. The fried onion is a thing from another world; I’m pretty sure it is an entire onion slice that was panko breaded and fried. I was not expecting that surprise.

Branded Bun from Sandwicheria in Hialeah, Florida
Branded Bun
Habana Blue Burger from Sandwicheria in Hialeah, Florida
Habana Blue Burger
Truffle Smashed Fries from Sandwicheria in Hialeah, Florida
Truffle Smashed Potatoes

I finished the meal with a Flan de Cabra and a Cortadito. The Flan was made from goat milk and was a hefty portion, possibly enough to share with four folks.

Since I’m a giant fan of anything made with goat milk, it was right up my alley. The cortadito was perfect; two swigs and done.

Flan de Cabra from Sandwicheria in Hialeah, Florida
Flan de Cabra
Cortadito from Sandwicheria in Hialeah, Florida

And there you have it, back after almost four years, and Sandwicheria is still thriving. That’s good news cause I need to visit again for their Frita Cubana.

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