Pan con Lechon & Chicharrones from The Butcher Shop

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Since 1970, the Butcher Shop in Palmetto Bay (14235 S. Dixie Hwy) has been quietly amassing a cult following for their Pan con Lechon (roast pork sandwich) and chicharrones (pork rinds). I’m a full-fledged cult member at this temple of pork. Something about the stimulating smells once you step foot inside will make you daydream about your forthcoming meal.

While I’m ordering, my mind is already conjuring images of my next visit to the Butcher Shop and what I’ll be eating next. The only problem? I’ve only had the chicharrones and Pan con Lechon every single time I’ve stopped in. Never have I deviated for fear of missing out on another great sammy.

Look, what I’m saying is these two fellas are highly addictive. My friends have enjoyed their ribs, brisket, tamales, and the list goes on and on. When I grow up, I wanna be like them but YOU! You should be like BEAST on your first visit and try the classics.

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The Butcher Shop Menu

The Butcher Shop Menu from Palmetto Bay
Front & Back
The Butcher Shop Menu from Palmetto Bay

The Butcher Shop Food Pictures

Chicharrones on Display
Chicharrones on Display
Pork Shoulders
Pork Shoulders
The Butcher Shop Pan con Lechon Sandwich Assembly
Pan con Lechon Sandwich Assembly
Butcher Shop Pan con Lechon
The Butcher Shop Pan con Lechon
The Butcher Shop, a pound of Chicharrones
A pound of Chicharrones

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August 23rd, 2015 – You Know What’s Really Good? The Pan Con Lechon From The Butcher Shop.

I have been actively looking for the Best Pan con Lechon in Miami for the last couple of years. During that time, I had my friend Boza constantly tell about this spot, The Butcher Shop in Palmetto Bay.

I was headed down south on US1 when I remembered I was in the Butcher Shop’s vicinity. After walking in, I make a beeline for the Pan con Lechon creation area. I ask for two to go. After I’m handed the sandwiches, I turn around to the counter lining the wall and decide I need to try this right here, right now.

I unwrap and take a bite. I begin to daydream, and I’m flying through the sky like my favorite scene in the Big Lebowski. That first bite sent me into a state of euphoria. Before I know it, I’ve eaten half of the sandwich. It’s as if time hasn’t passed.

The Pan con Lechon is served on this great Cuban bread that becomes razor-thin when toasted and contains this moist marinated pork with onions and crispy skin. There is only one word to describe it, unbelievable.

There’s more to The Butcher Shop than just the incredible sandwich. There are other foods and daily specials that can be had, including their chicharrones, another big winner.

I would love to say that next time I’m going to try something else, but for now, that would be impossible, I’ve only got eyes for the Pan con Lechon.

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