Cuban Guys Restaurants and Food Truck Is Awesome

I remember when the Cuban Guys restaurant concept was going to be a food truck instead. I loved the idea of Cuban fast food that doesn’t cut corners on quality.

For a while, it seemed like they might never happen, but the next thing I knew, they were opening a restaurant in Hialeah Gardens on Wednesday, January 11th, 2012.

Cuban Guys Restaurants in Hialeah Gardens, Florida
Cuban Guys Restaurants in Hialeah Gardens, Florida

Since the flagship store opened, Cuban Guys has expanded to five locations in South Florida and a food truck. There is the original in Hialeah Gardens, plus Kendall, Miramar, Palmetto Bay, and Sweetwater.

It’s Awesome

The menu has changed very little since opening day, but there have been some additions and removals.

Cuban Guys Food Talk

You never forget your first time or, in this case, your first visit to Cuban Guys. I was standing there, checking out the menu and trying to figure out what to get.

Who was I kidding? I was always going straight for the frita. My wife Marcela is with me, and she opts for one of their Cuban Bowls.

I chose yuca fries for the side while she went to the plantain chip route. The yuca fries were crispy, and the dipping sauce (some mayo/ketchup mix) was perfect for it. I was hesitant to try it since I prefer yuca fries sans anything else, but I’m glad I did.

Marcela’s bowl had all the essential components of a Cuban meal. Let’s see; there were black beans & rice, nicely diced up platanos maduros (fried sweet plantains), real julienne potatoes (not the potato stix canned version), diced white onions, and a frita patty.

You can, of course, choose chicken, steak, or pork, but when in Rome. If you’re hungry and probably starving, this is the route you want to go. The bowl was delicious and filling.

The plantain chips had a great crunch and were salted just as I like them. I overlooked the dipping sauce since they were perfect alone.

The menu includes all the Cuban classics like Sandwich Cubano (Cuban sandwich), Media Noche (Midnight Sandwich, same ingredients as Cuban Sandwich on a sweet roll), and Pan con Bistec (steak sandwich), and at the top of the list, the frita (Cuban hamburger).

Cuban Guys Frita Cubana Talk

There are two things I look at before eating a frita. First is making their small shoestring julienne fries, and second, if it comes on a proper Cuban roll.

From there, I move on to an examination of what’s under the top bun. Are they trying to pass off some ground beef or an over-seasoned regular burger patty as a frita?

It’s also pretty nice that they toast the roll—lastly, a taste test of the goods. Make no bones about it; Cuban Guys’ frita is the real deal; it’s legit.

I asked about going, A Caballo (with a fried egg), and Jorge Llapur, co-owner, said it’s possible but not on the actual menu yet.

UPDATE: They have since added it to the menu.

I might have gone for a pan con tortilla (omelet sandwich) if not for the flan I ate. The cool thing is they serve breakfast all day. As someone who has eggs for dinner occasionally, I love that.

If you’re not in the know, flan is the quintessential Cuban dessert. Everyone has a mom, grandmother, or aunt that makes the best flan in Miami and beyond.

Now, if, for some reason, they’re not in flan-making mode, the flan at Cuban Guys is an excellent replacement.

Cuban Guys Menu


Cuban Guys Food Pictures

Mariquitas de Platano aka Plantain Chips
Yuca Fries
Frituras de Malanga aka Malanga Fritters
Tamal with Pork Chunks
Mini Papa Rellena aka Mini Stuffed Potato Balls
Croqueta Preparada
Frita Toston Sandwich
Pan con Bistec
Frita Original
Frita Original with an Egg
Tres Leches

Cuban Guys Restaurant Locations

Hialeah Gardens3174 W 76th StreetHialeah
Kendall10801 Sunset DriveMiami
Miramar3496 Red RoadMiramar
Palmetto Bay14685 S Dixie HighwayPalmetto Bay
Sweetwater8229 W Flagler StreetMiami

Cuban Guys Food Truck

The Cuban Guys Food Truck
The Cuban Guys Food Truck

Eventually, in 2017 Cuban Guys would launch a food trailer, a full-fledged beautiful food truck after its success. The food truck has a smaller menu, but it’s all the favorites like Cuban bowls, fritas, and pan con bistec.

If you follow them on social media, you can keep abreast of where to find them.

Cuban Bowl with Vaca Frita from the Cuban Guys Food Truck

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  1. We saw this place was Burger Beast approved and went for it. The Frita was excellent, reminiscent of my childhood. My son had the lechon bowl and loved it.


  3. Awesome!!!
    Service is excellent, anything you pick from the menu is AWESOME ! You gotta visit this place. If you have any cuban blood you will deffenatly feel at home..

  4. I am visitng from Switzerland, missing the Cuban taste and flavors, Cuban Guys has the best Cuban food in Miami, great taste, wonderful place, and excellent service. Don’t miss it. Great prices too!

  5. awesome frita and pan con bistec sandwich! nice, clean, family friendly environment, especially economically friendly. quick and friendly service.

  6. Had lunch there today and it definitely lived up to the hype the owner Jorge has been pressing since he developed the concept.

  7. I agree 100% with the Burger Beast. I was there earlier and had the Frita also and it was excellent. My wife had the steak sandwich and she said it was the best one she has had. I know Cuban Guys Restaurant will do well. I can not wait until they open their othe projected sites in Kendall and Westchester.


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