Mom’s Awesomely Simple Egg Salad Recipe

I’m not joking; my Mom‘s simple egg salad recipe is super awesome! Back in tha day and even now, my friends who end up at my parent’s house in Westchester are treated to an egg salad sandwich if they happen to be visiting on the right day.

My Mom (known to my friends and family as Big Red) made a batch of her egg salad for my birthday; it was the only gift I was willing to accept.

Simple Egg Salad Recipe
Big Red’s Egg Salad Sandwich Recipe

What’s incredible is how simple the egg salad recipe is, and I honestly believe anyone can recreate it at home. However, since you’re not likely to ever try the real deal from my mom unless you invite yourself over, here’s the next best thing, her recipe!

Mom’s Super Simple Egg Salad Recipe

My Mom's Egg Salad Sandwich
My Mom‘s Egg Salad Sandwich

Since you’re not likely to ever try the real deal from my mom unless you invite yourself over, here’s the next best thing, her recipe.


  • Bowl
  • Egg Slicer
  • Fork
  • Pot or Saucepan


  • water (enough to cover eggs in pot)
  • ice (enough for the ice bath in the bowl)
  • 6 eggs
  • 4 tbsp mayo (she uses Hellmann’s)
  • salt (to personal taste)
  • pepper (to personal taste)


Boiling The Eggs

  • Grab the six eggs right out of your fridge, and place them ever so lightly into a saucepan.
  • You need to cover the eggs in one inch of water and set your burner to medium-high.
  1. Bring the water with the eggs to a boil, uncovered.
  2. Once the water is boiling, then take the saucepan off the heat.
  3. Cover the saucepan for sixteen minutes to achieve hard boiled egg status.
  4. Create an ice bath by filling a bowl with ice and cold water.
  5. Then remove the eggs from the saucepan and place in the ice bath for approximately 10 minutes.
  6. Pull the eggs out of the ice bath one by one and gently roll them back and forth on a flat surface.
  7. The eggshells will loosen and crack. Remove all of them from the hard boiled egg.

Egg Salad Creation

  1. Take your egg slicer and place one of the hard boiled eggs in place.
  2. Slice straight through so that the hard boiled egg looks like the picture.
  3. Take the sliced hard boiled egg, hold it together, and turn it 90 degrees, aka turn it left once.
  4. Slice the egg again straight through.
  5. Repeat the process for all six eggs.
  6. Place the eggs one by one into a bowl as you slice them.
  7. Shovel out 4 heaping spoonfuls of mayo into your bowl. I use Hellmann’s but feel free to use your favorite. Don’t you dare use Miracle Whip, that’s freakin’ salad dressing!
  8. Mix that shit up really well.
  9. Salt to your liking.
  10. To pepper or not, it’s up to you. I pepper it up real nice, so about five healthy shakes as if you had eaten breakfast that morning.
  11. Stir that puppy again.
  12. Technically, you can rest. If you’ve got some self-control, I’d suggest refrigerating it for a few hours to let the egg salad gods work their magic. Or if you’ve got very little self-control as I do, grab two pieces of bread or a roll.
  13. Assemble that sandwich; I used a Martin’s Potato Roll for the beauty below.
Mom's Awesome Egg Salad Sando
Mom‘s Awesome Egg Salad Sandwich on a Martin’s Potato Roll

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Download Mom’s Awesomely Simple Egg Salad Recipe HERE so you can print it out.

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