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Six years ago, I arrived a few minutes late to S&L Restaurant when I was staying in Lakeland, Florida.

At the time, I didn’t realize that S&L Restaurant is a breakfast and lunch only spot.

S & L Restaurant Building
The six years before I finally ate at S&L Restaurant picture

I strolled right in and took the table nearest to the door. It was about time I ate an S&L burger.

Before I even ordered, I asked about the history of the name. The letters S&L comes from its original owners, Skip and Lorraine.

Now I can order in peace since that mystery is no more.

Since 1983 Counter Sign
Since 1983 Counter Sign

I ordered a Cheeseburger Special, which just means my burger comes with fries.

While I’m making some small talk with the two tables close to me, my beautiful baby arrives, no I’m not talking about my wife. I was solo on this adventure.

A good-sized portion of crispy crinkle-cut fries comes on the same platter.

The slab of beef made my mouth water when it arrived, but for some reason, the cheese wasn’t melted.


Non-melted cheese doesn’t bother me since I’ve been known to enjoy a sandwich with cold cheese slices on untoasted white bread. That’s been my go-to snack sandwich since I would sneak them when my grandmother was taking a shower.

The bread was a simple white squishy burger bun that did not have any structural integrity issues due to the size of the patty.

I ate my food using Burger Beast’s on the road burger eating routine. You start with a bite of the burger, then a couple of chews followed by a fry covered in ketchup—finally a slurp of your ice-cold soft drink to safely wash everything down.

Before I knew it, the food was all gone. I sized up the menu for my next visit, where the victim will be the Patty Melt.

Can’t wait!


S & L Restaurant Menu
S & L Restaurant Menu


Ice Cold Cola
Ice Cold Cola
S & L Restaurant Cheeseburger Special with Fries
S&L Cheeseburger Special with Fries
 Cheeseburger Closeup
Cheeseburger Closeup

S&L Restaurant
2915 S Combee Road
Eaton Park, FL 33840


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