Frankie's Pizza in Westchester

Frankie’s Pizza, the OG Pizza Joint in Miami

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You wanna talk landmarks, Frankie’s Pizza is the poster boy for that in Miami.


Frank Pasquarella and his wife Doreen vacationed in Miami during their honeymoon.

Shortly after that, the Pasquarella’s would move from Steubenville, Ohio, to the magic city permanently.

They were able to secure a veteran’s administration loan to open their original Frankie’s Pizza location near the University of Miami.

Frankie's Pizza in the Miami Herald April 6, 1955
Fictitious Name Registration, Miami Herald March 23, 1955

On Valentine’s Day in 1955, they opened their doors.

A slice of their Chicago-style pizza would set you back ten cents back then.

A few years later, they would open their now-iconic restaurant in a developing part of town.

The community of Westchester would grow up around and eating at Frankie’s Pizza.

Norman's Market - November of 1957
Norman’s Market that would become Frankie’s Pizza in November of 1957
Frankie's Pizza in the Miami Herald July 3, 1958
Ad in the Miami Herald July 3, 1958

They became known for not only their square pies but also for the free slice on top of every box of pizza to-go.

Frankiemobile, the best kind of advertising

Frank and Doreen’s daughters Roxanne and Renee would gradually assume a leadership role in the business after Frank suffered a stroke in 1980.

The business officially became theirs after the passing of Doreen on February 10, 2002, and Frank on December 10, 2005.


Luckily there is nothing to worry about, it’s as if Frank and Doreen were still there.

Everything that made Frankie’s Pizza special from their grandmother’s secret Italian recipe to the scratch-made tomato sauce is still done.

The three-step rising and cooking process for the dough is another thing that makes that crust so unique. Hell, even the cheese is still shredded daily.

In 2010, the part of Bird Road where Frankie’s Pizza sits is now known as Frank Pasquarella Way.

Local historian Cesar Becerra‘s documentary and 60-page booklet about them that is a must for any true Miami food fan.

Both are for sale at the restaurant along with their cool retro red ringer tees.

Frankie's Pizza - Miami Herald March 29, 1981
Miami Herald March 29, 1981
Frankie's Pizza DVD
Following Frankie: Sauce Intonations of Miami’s Pizza King DVD by Cesar Becerra
Frankie's Pizza Poster
Booklet Cover Poster


Commercial from 1983


I grew up in Westchester, so I’ve known Frankie’s Pizza my whole life.

My late godmother would buy us (my sister and I) pizza from Frankie’s as a special weekend treat.

Now many years later, I’m still a fan of not only the business but also of its owners Renee and Roxanne, super cool folks.

I still get excited whenever I see their iconic old school sign lit up at night.

Plus, I’m going steady with their pepperoni slices, real love not that love at first sight nonsense.

Since they’ve been around so long, they do have their naysayers, but it doesn’t matter to me.

Frankie’s Pizza tastes like my childhood, and that’s something that can not be replicated.


Renee & Roxanne original Frankie's design artwork & RC Cola thermometer
Owners Renee & Roxanne with the original design artwork for the sign & RC Cola thermometer
Frankie's Pizza Employees
The Team


Pepperoni Pizza
Pepperoni Pizza
Ground Beef & Pepperoni Pizza
Ground Beef & Pepperoni Pizza
Sausage & Onion Pizza
Sausage & Onion Pizza

Frankie’s Pizza
9118 Bird Road
Miami, Florida


  1. I have been going to Frankie’s since 1960 when I was 10 years old. I am now 71 and drive once every 2 weeks from Kendall to pick up Frankie’s. Roxanne and I believe I am in the top 3 of customers who have been going to Frankie’s. 61 years!! A true treasure!!

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