Frita Man & Croqueta Boy Food Truck – CLOSED

At the height of the Miami Food Truck craze, Frita Man showed up with his classic and specialty Frita Cubanas. He caused a sensation for a short while then disappeared, reappeared as Frita Man & Croqueta Boy then disappeared again!

Frita Man Food Truck

Frita Man Food Truck Trailer
Frita Man Food Truck Trailer

April 8th, 2011 – Frita Man is here!

The Frita Man boldly claims that he has “La Mejor Frita Cubana.” Of course, those are some lofty claims, but you can find out for yourself tonight as he debuts at 2640 W 84th Street in Hialeah from 5 PM – 9 PM.

Plans are for Frita Man to cater to the nighttime crowd when the munchies set in. He’ll also be attending all the Food Truck gatherings soon!

Check out the menu.

Frita Man Food Truck Menu
Frita Man Food Truck Menu

Frita Man Makes his Triumphant Return

The Frita Man
The Frita Man

March 5th, 2012 – It seemed as if Frita Man was everywhere last summer, helping to spread the good word of the Frita Cubana. The Yellow Trailer, with his caricature prominently featured, proclaimed to have “La Mejor Frita Cubana.

He was one of Channel 10’s Top 10 Food Trucks, and then suddenly he did his best Keyser Söze impersonation and disappeared.

Gone is his yellow trailer, replaced with a Food Truck and a new look. The newly christened Frita Man & Croqueta Boy are Food Superheroes fighting against the injustice of bad food.

Frita Man & Croqueta Boy
Frita Man & Croqueta Boy

His Croqueta Boy sidekick resembles his son, and once they don those outfits, can they be stopped?

Frita Man Original Frita
Original Frita
Frita Man's Frita Bite
Frita Bite

If you’re a Frita beginner, you can start with a regular Frita that features julienne potatoes & onions on a Cuban roll. The American Frita (lettuce, tomato, pickles & cheese) or Mexican Frita (guacamole, jalapeño & an onion ring) for the more adventurous Frita consumer.

Frita Man American Frita
American Frita
Frita Man Mexican Frita
Mexican Frita

The Chuck Norris is the 2nd most popular Frita on his menu (after La Original) with its onion ring and zesty sauce (a honey mustard type sauce).

Frita Man Chuck Norris Frita
Chuck Norris Frita

He’s back! Be on the lookout for him & Croqueta Boy at a Food Truck Event near you. Now you have a reason to feel safe again.

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