Tio Colo Cuban Pizza & Ice Cream Sandwiches in Hialeah

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Since Tio Colo (8051 West 24th Avenue Unit 1, Hialeah) opened in the early 2000s,  they’ve expanded from only selling those little addictive Bocaditos de Helado to adding Pizza Cubana to their food arsenal. So if you think it doesn’t get any better than those sammies, wait till you get a load of their pizza.

It’s essential that before we get into some pizza talk that I highly suggest eating the personal size and not the larger family pie. Why? Well, what makes Pizza Cubana (Cuban Pizza) is the crispy crust. The smaller size tends to embrace this way better.

Stylistically, the most straightforward comparison is a deep dish, just not as deep.

You’ll also find the standard cheese or pepperoni to the Spanish chorizo & onion (hands down my favorite) and the shrimp pizza, which I don’t get but has its fans.

The newest addition is the guava pizza, which replaces the traditional red sauce with guava. Those folks who live in South Florida go crazy over guava or guayaba, as it’s best known here. This pizza will make you lose your mind; it’s that good.

Tio Colo Pizza Cubana Menu

Tio Colo Menu for Pizza Cubana
Pizza Menu

Tio Colo Pizza Cubana Pictures

Tio Colo Chorizo & Onion Pizza Cubana
Chorizo & Onion Pizza Cubana
Tio Colo Pepperoni Pizza Cubana
Pepperoni Pizza Cubana
Tio Colo Black Olive, Mushroom & Onion Pizza Cubana
Black Olive, Mushroom & Onion aka Vegetables Pizza Cubana
Tio Colo Guava Pizza Cubana
Guava Pizza Cubana

You’re probably thinking that if you have a Guava Pizza chaser for your savory Pizza Cubana, why leave space for their namesake sandwiches?

Very simply, they’re fantastic.

Tio Colo Ice Cream Sandwiches

You’ve never had an ice cream sandwich like this, and what makes it extra special is the quality of the ice cream itself is incredible.

I like to stick to the mantecado sandwich or Cuban vanilla, which is very close in flavor profile to egg nog. Guayaba is my next go-to if I’m not in a mantecado mood.

I recently had the chocolate one and planned to add it to my rotation. The dulce de leche is another great one; the best part is that there are over ten different ones to choose from.

Tio Colo Bocaditos Menu

Tio Colo Menu for Ice Cream Sandwiches
Cuban Ice Cream Sandwiches Menu
Tio Colo Chocolate Bocadito de Helado
Chocolate Bocadito de Helado
Tio Colo Mantecado Bocadito de Helado
Mantecado Bocadito de Helado
Guava Bocadito de Helado

So there you have it, Tio Colo’s Bocaditos de Helado and Pizza Cubana in a nutshell.

If these pictures don’t motivate you to get up, drive over there and get some, I’m not sure that anything could.

How to make Cuban Ice Cream Sandwiches Video

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