The Grinder: Jamie Deen Of The Deen Bros.

I became a fan of the Deen Bros. (Jamie & Bobby) after watching them interacting with their mother (Paula Deen) at a SoBe Wine & Food Festival Event. It wasn’t too long after that they had a show on the Food Network (Road Tasted) where they toured the country looking for family run food businesses that could ship their products to customers (yeah, I loved it). They decided to leave Road Tasted and concentrate on their family restaurant, The Lady & Sons. It’s allowed the Deen Bros. to recently release a couple of grilling magazines entitled Good Cooking (which have some great recipes including one for a French Onion burger) but somehow I was able to get a hold of Jamie and convince him to go through The Grinder.

BB: What’s your favorite burger recipe and why?

JD: I love to season my burgers with Dale’s Seasoning, and then throw some chopped onion on top. It’s like a little bit of heaven in a bun.

BB: Does Savannah, Georgia have any regional burger specialties?

JD: Being on the coast, we’ve got a seafood twist for just about everything. Here in Savannah, you can find crab burgers!

BB: Any tips for grilling the perfect burger?

JD: A lot of folks press out their patties when they’re on the grill, but that only dries them out. Instead, try not to press them, and only flip them once. This will make for a really juicy burger.

BB: How popular is the Lady’s Brunch Burger (this burger has donuts for buns and is topped with bacon)? I’m kinda disappointed it doesn’t have cheese.

JD: Well, Momma has always said that this burger should be enjoyed once in a lifetime, and I’ll have to agree with her on that.

BB: Do you think Bobby ever wishes he was your older brother?

JD: I’m sure he did until we hit our 30’s. Now, I think he likes to rub in my face that he’s the baby.

BB: I follow you on Twitter, would you consider following me: @BurgerBeast? I’m pretty funny at times.

JD: You got it.
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