Mezcalito’s – San Miguel – Cozumel, Mexico

One Bite In

Two years ago when I came to Cozumel there was a sign outside of Mezcalito’s that said “Cheeseburger in Paradise”, I’m gonna go out on a limb here and assume in reference to the Jimmy Buffet song. There is now a Jimmy Buffet restaurant in … Continue reading

Señor Iguanas Restaurant & Bar – San Miguel – Cozumel, Mexico

Tortilla Chips

I had been to the north end of Cozumel’s east coast a few years ago but I didn’t end up eating anywhere. My sister was shopping for who knows what and there was no time to stop and eat. We arrived in Cozumel for this … Continue reading

Burger King – San Miguel – Cozumel, Mexico

Papas Fundidas

While walking around the tourist trap area of Cozumel, I came across this outdoor Burger King counter. Once I took a look at the menu and saw the “Cheesy Whopper”, I knew there was no way I was leaving empty handed. My father was with … Continue reading

La Mission In Cozumel, Mexico

Queso Fundido

While on vacation in Cozumel, my sister suggested we eat at La Mission. Home of some ridiculously hot, hot sauce that she loves. This would definitely not be the reason for me to try a place out. I like hot sauce and all but on … Continue reading