Can You Master The Quickie 4 lb. Burger Challenge

Quickie's Outdoor Sign

How do these new places get past me? Quickies is in Hollywood, Florida. Cool thing is they have an eating contest called The Quickie 4 lb. Burger Challenge. Info is below:

Can you master the
Quickie 4 lb. Burger Challenge?
Must polish off the burger in one hour to win:
*Get you picture and name on the wall of fame!
*A wonderful ‘Mastered the Quickie Challenge’ t-shirt!
Saturday, October 10,2009 @ 6:00 pm
Limited to five contestants, so reserve your spot by calling
954 981-WING(9464)!
If you finish in an hour, your burger is FREE!!!

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  1. SaminSFL

    January 26, 2011 at 11:55 AM

    I was going to mention this place to you. I just had their M.O.A.B Burger 3 days ago, and damn was it good.

    M.O.A.B. – Mother Of All Burgers
    which has Bacon, cheese, crispy onions, Quickies sauce(which is really good) French Fries tomatos lettuce raw onion, on a 1lb burger, which they cooked to a nice med rare,

    and it was DELICIOUS. Highly recommend!