Purple People Eatery and their Fordista Burger

Purple People Eatery has a pretty cool deal going on this Saturday at the Wynwood Art Walk in conjunction with the Yo ♥ 305 gallery on 23st and NW 2 Ave. Drop by their gallery and get a voucher for a Free burger and Drink Combo. The burger? The Fordista is a Bison Meat Patty with Fried Provolone, Arugula and a Homemade Tomato Jam. Vouchers are limited and the whole shebang starts at 6ish.

Fordista Burger

Burger Beast

Eat. Write. Read. Repeat.

One thought on “Purple People Eatery and their Fordista Burger

  • September 11, 2011 at 3:23 PM

    The Fordista Burger is AMAZING. the guys @Purple People Eatery have created an instant classic with this one. The combination of flavors and quality ingredients shine in every bite. I make it a point to have one every art walk.

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