Carroll’s Sausage & Country Store in Ashburn, Georgia

Carroll's - Ashburn, Georgia

It had only been a couple of hours since we left Atlanta, but we skipped breakfast and were now hungry. Nothing returns me to primitive behavior like starving and then seeing “Sausage Store” over and over on billboards along I-75. It was Saturday at 2PM (they’re open Mon-Sat 7AM-7PM) so we were good.

Carroll's - Ashburn, Georgia
Fireplace Greets You When You Walk In

After a quick pit stop to refuel at a gas station we head over to meat nirvana. Imagine an amped up Cracker Barrel and replace all the tchotchkes with Meats, Jellies and Sauces and you get the idea. I’ve never seen a Butcher Counter of this length before and it’s packed with everything imagineable.

Just a Small Portion of The Butcher Area
Just a Small Portion of The Butcher Area, pic courtesy of Double E

There’s also an area right near the entrance where you can order Southern-style Breakfast and/or Lunch and then sit down to enjoy it. We still still had a few hours of trip left so I needed to be careful with what I chose to eat so as not to affect me later. I stayed away from anything with gravy in other words.

I ordered the large Spicy Country Sausage which is served on a giant Hot Dog bun. I added some mustard and it was good to go. My friend Ed bought a bunch of uncooked meats to take home. Don’t worry, Carroll’s also sells thermal bags to keep your food at the right temp.

Spicy Sausage
Spicy Sausage

If you find yourself driving on I-75 near Ashburn, Carroll’s Sausage & Country Store is a great stop to check out.

Yeah, I bought this.
Yeah, I bought this. I really did.

Get Your Sausage On:

Carroll’s Sausage & Country Store
Facebook: Carroll’s Sausage & Meats
315 Whittle Drive Ashburn, Georgia 31714 (Off of I-75, Exit 82)

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