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The first thing that catches your eye when you drive by Andiamo Pizza (5600 Biscayne Boulevard) is the building. Initially, it was a two-story store and apartment building way back in 1929.

In 1937, it was known as the Merry-Go-Round when police raided it for its illegal gambling rooms (craps and card tables along with horse racing). The current building best resembles its probably longest-running tenant other than Andiamo, the General Tire Company of Miami.

There is an ample outdoor seating space to take in the sights and sounds of the hubbub of Biscayne Boulevard, but I prefer to sit inside, which is much cozier.

I generally prefer straight pepperoni or cheese pies, but at Andiamo, I like the mix of meats and veggies. There is a pie for every taste.

Those breadsticks with warm tomato sauce are a great way to start your meal. I forgot to mention they use a brick oven to make the pizza, which is my preferred pie baking method.

In short, the pizza cooks at a higher temperature, and the dough and toppings get cooked evenly. Now you know why the pizza at Andiamo is stellar.

Well, that and the creative toppings combinations too.

Andiamo Pizza Menu

Andiamo Pizza Menu
Andiamo Pizza Menu
Apps & Sandwiches Menu
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Andiamo Pizza Food Pictures

BreadSticks & Marinara Sauce
Breadsticks with warm tomato sauce
Andiamo Pizza Pie
Godfather Pizza

Mini Update

A few weeks after my original visit, I returned and had another great pie along with their phenomenal homemade meatballs.

Pizza with plenty of peppers
Mulberry Street Pizza
Andiamo's Meatballs
Nunni’s Homemade Meatballs

R.I.P. Cheesesteak

Andiamo Cheesesteak

Andiamo had a killer cheesesteak on the menu once upon a time. For a few short years, Frankie was also co-owner of Dogma Grill, which is down the street.

He removed the cheesesteak from the Andiamo menu and added it to the Dogma Grill, where it still is today. The Philly at Andiamo! was served on Italian bread with cheese under the ribeye, the way it should be.

I ate mine back then with grilled onions & hot cherry peppers, great if you can handle the heat.

Burger Beast Burgie Award for Best Pizza

In 2009 and later again in 2011, Andiamo was voted Best Pizza in Miami at my Burger Beast Burgie Awards.

Co-owner Frankie Cupri with Andiamo's 2009 Burger Beast Burgie Award
Co-owner Frankie Cupri with Andiamo’s 2009 Burger Beast Burgie Award
Co-owner Frankie Cupri with Andiamo's 2011 Burger Beast Burgie Award
Co-owner Frankie Cupri with Andiamo’s 2011 Burger Beast Burgie Award

Andiamo Pizza in Action Video

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