Bennigan’s in Melbourne, Florida – CLOSED

During its original run, I was a major fan of Bennigan’s in the 1980s. And their Monte Cristo is still on my list of legendary sandwiches.

So, after more than ten years of living without that legendary sando, I was happy to hear that Bennigan’s would be opening a resBennigan’s Melbourne, Florida, on January 28th, 2016.

Bennigan's Menu from Melbourne, Florida
Bennigan’s Menu from Melbourne, Florida

It would take me a couple of years to convince Fred and John to make the almost three-hour drive to Melbourne. On the drive up, we agreed to try and share everything.

First up was the French onion soup. The group consensus was that it was nothing special. Yes, it was cheesy, but the broth was too salty.

French Onion Soup from Bennigan's in Melbourne, Florida
French Onion Soup

The Mix & Match Appetizer Platter was next up. All three were okay, but nothing I’d consider ordering a second time. The eggrolls were the best of the three.

Mix & Match Appetizer Platter from Bennigan's in Melbourne, Florida
Mix & Match Appetizer Platter: Hogan’s Egg Rolls, Cheesy Potato Skins, and Dubliner Quesadillas

We all agreed that the best thing we ate was the Grilled Chicken O’Toole. I thought the knot bun was great, and the crust on the grilled chicken made it a winner.

Grilled Chicken O’Toole from Bennigan's in Melbourne, Florida
Grilled Chicken O’Toole

From The Best To Now The Worst

In concept, the burger sounded like a great idea with the GUINNESS glazed bacon and crispy onions, but the flavors fell flat.

GUINNESS Glazed Bacon Burger from Bennigan's in Melbourne, Florida
GUINNESS Glazed Bacon Burger

The biggest disappointment was the Monte Cristo; a damn shame cause we had high expectations. This was not the sandwich I remember from back in the day.

And to top it off, Bennigan’s went light on the cold cuts. I’ve seen more meat in a sandwich from a vending machine.

Monte Cristo from Bennigan's in Melbourne, Florida
Monte Cristo

I guess it’s no surprise that in February 2023, Melbourne’s Bennigan’s closed, and just like that, we were Monte Cristo-less again.

Bennigan’s is CLOSED
3955 W New Haven Avenue
West Melbourne, FL
(321) 802-9693

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