Burger Beast Food News – December 28th

Burger Beast Food News

I’m testing out this potential new recurring feature called Burger Beast Food News. It will cover any pertinent Burger News and Comfort Food News info that I believe you will be interested in. I’ve also added a Streaming TV Show News category since that’s pretty much what everyone is looking forward to other than food during these times.

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Burger Beast Food News – December 28th, 2020

Burger News

The 5 Craziest Burgers from The Burger Show [WATCH]

Burger King has a new $1 menu that includes a Bacon Cheeseburger, Chicken Jr., Value fries, and Value soft drink. [QSR Magazine]

Croqueta Palooza 2022 Banner
McDonald's Spam Burger
McDonald’s Spam Burger

McDonald’s China had a limited time only “burger” that consists of a Spam patty topped with Oreo crumbles. What an absolutely revolting idea. [Sora News 24]

The Good Burger car has been restored and is now on display at St. Louis, Missouri’s Hi-Pointe Drive-In. [St. Louis Post-Dispatch]

Salsa Joe’s in Arlington, Texas, has created a 20 lb burger, and it’s called “El Gordo–the Fat One.” [KCEN TV]

Shake Shack has a Buy One Get One only on single burgers and chicken sandwiches through January 3rd when ordering through their app or website. [Thrillist]

Comfort Food News

Doritos reveals new 3D Crunch will be available on December 28th in two flavors, Spicy Ranch and Chili Cheese Nacho. [USA Today]

Gutherie’s, the original tender, toast & crinkle-cut fry combo joint, will finally expand through franchising. [QSR Magazine]

KFC is bringing back its Vegan Burger in the UK. [Birminham Live]

Pepsi Cocoa Cola
Pepsi Cocoa Cola

Pepsi is launching a Pepsi “Cocoa” Cola in early 2021. [Food & Wine]

Taco Bell’s Nacho Fries & Bacon Club Chalupa are back for a limited time. [USA Today]

Streaming TV Show News

Cobra Kai, based on 80’s classic Karate Kid has moved up its Netflix release date to January 1st. [Insider]

The Roald Dahl universe is coming to Netflix [What’s on Netflix]

Amazon Prime’s The Boys has been re-upped for a Season 3 but filming has yet to begin hence no release date yet. [DigitalSpy]

Marvel TV Shows on Disney + confirmed for 2021:

  • Marvel Studios: Legends – January 8th, 2021
  • Wanda Vision: Season 1 – January 15th, 2021
  • The Falcon & The Winter Soldier: Season 1 – March 19th, 2021
  • Loki: Season 1 – May 2021
  • What If…?: Season 1 – 2021
  • Ms. Marvel: Season 1 – Late 2021
  • Hawkeye: Season 1 – Late 2021


Star Wars TV Shows on Disney + confirmed for 2021:

  • The Bad Batch – 2021
  • Star Wars: Visions – 2021
  • The Book of Boba Fett – December 2021
  • The Mandalorian: Season 3 – Christmas 2021
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi – 2022
  • Andor – 2022
  • The Acolyte
  • Ahsoka
  • A Droid Story
  • Lando
  • Rangers of the New Republic

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