Chef Billy G + Between Two Buns Smash Burger Popup

With the proliferation of smash burger popups around Miami, it’s getting hard to choose which one to check out. Plus, many are so similar that they’re all beginning to get mashed up in my brain.

Enter the Smash Burger Pop-Up by Chef Billy G and Between Two Buns food truck. I’m still kicking myself for missing Chef Billy G’s The Bagel Pop-Up, so I wasn’t about to miss this one.

When I arrived at Billy G’s HQ, it was already poppin’. Billy spots me and tells me he will fix me right up.

Generally, I’m opposed to this type of situation, but this is coming from a point of mutual admiration, so I didn’t fight it. To give you a little background, Billy owned the incredible ITO Mojitos y Cafecitos restaurant in North Miami and most recently won Croqueta Palooza 2022 with his lobster croqueta.

Croqueta Palooza 2022 Winner: Chef Billy G
Croqueta Palooza 2022 People’s Choice Winner: Chef Billy G

Plus. I had been following the Between Two Buns food truck for a minute, so it was time to pull the trigger and eat one of their hamburgs. Yes, let’s kill two birds with one stone.

The Smash Burger Pop Up Menu
Here’s the Smash Burger pop-up menu


If you love Flanigan’s rib rolls, you will love these fellas. The sriracha ranch dipping sauce is a nice touch.

Rib Rolls from Chef Billy G Catering
Rib Rolls

Cheeseburger croquetas? They don’t taste like a cheeseburger, but they are good. Add the smash sauce to the equation, and you’ll be in comfort food heaven.

Cheeseburger Croquetas  from Chef Billy G Catering
Cheeseburger Croquetas

I love mozzarella sticks and chicharrones, so merging these two classics is one of those things you didn’t realize you needed. And, now that it does exist, where do we go from here?

Chicharron Mozzarella Sticks from Chef Billy G Catering
Chicharron Mozzarella Sticks

Fried pieces of cheese with guava dipping sauce never get old. Who can turn down this antojito? The answer should be no one.

Queso Frito from Chef Billy G Catering
Queso Frito

Smash Burgers

The Billy Smash (Chef Billy G) reminds me of the Billy Burger from his old restaurant. We’re talking double Wagyu patties, pork belly, Colby jack cheese, caramelized onions, and aioli sauce on a fluffy brioche bun.

I will compare this burger to most of the overhyped burgers in Wynwood and South Beach. There, I said it.

The Billy Smash from Chef Billy G Catering
The Billy Smash from Chef Billy G Catering

The Miami Smash from Between Two Buns features double Wagyu patties, lettuce, tomatoes, organic pickles, cheese, potato sticks, maduros, and smash sauce. Again, this is another epic winner.

I’m hoping to get out to their food truck to order this without lettuce & tomato and also eat the Chicken Smash sandwich. However, the Bang Bang Chicken (with bang bang sauce and pico de gallo) does sound hard to pass up.

The Miami Smash from the Between Two Buns Food Truck
The Miami Smash from the Between Two Buns Food Truck

Both burgers came with a side of fresh-cut double-fried French fries. I’m a savage, so I ate them straight up without ketchup because they don’t need it.

Bread Pudding with Guava & White Chocolate Chips from Chef Billy G Catering
Bread Pudding with Guava & White Chocolate Chips

The bread pudding was smothered in guava sauce and sprinkled with white chocolate chips. This over-the-top goodness can only be found in Miami, where we hit you over the head with guava…not a bad way to live.

You must follow these peeps to see what they’re up to and when another popup is happening!

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