Goodbye to La Palma & Hello to Las Viñas BBQ

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It pains me to be the one to break the news to you, but the iconic La Palma restaurant has closed permanently. Las Viñas BBQ (3935 E 4th Avenue, Hialeah) will open in the landmark building that once housed the second Burger King in Miami.

*Read my post about La Palma, which includes more history, if that’s your thing.

Las Viñas BBQ is replacing La Palma in West Miami, Florida
Las Viñas BBQ is replacing La Palma cafeteria in West Miami, Florida

The Valls (Versailles/La Carreta) family sold it in March 2023. The pandemic affected La Palma’s business severely & when they enclosed the little open-air area, they sealed their doom for most folks. Las Palma had lost its Miami charm.

This will be the second location for Las Viñas BBQ. And you can expect stick-to-your-gut Cuban comfort food (they even have real deal chicharrones) and bbq dishes like roast chicken, roast pork, pork belly, churrasco, and ribs. Las Viñas BBQ will fill the bbq void in the neighborhood nicely.

There’s no word yet on when they’re opening, but it shouldn’t be too long. La Palma was in operation until a few weeks ago. The kitchen adjustments may hold them up since permits can be transferred relatively quickly during a sale.

One last thought…La Palma will forever be associated with those rare cold nights in Miami when everyone would line up outside for their churros and hot chocolate. The real question is, with the original Morro Castle (Little Havana) and La Palma gone, who will become the go-to churro & hot chocolate spot for Miamians?

While it has not been announced, Las Viñas BBQ will have churros and hot chocolate on the menu.

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