Double B Foods Cheddar Kolaches

My Kolache obsession has caused me to look all over South Florida for them. While searching the internet, I came across Double B Foods Cheddar Kolaches.

Do you want to know where I found and bought these fellas? Walmart in Ft. Lauderdale (Broward Boulevard). I used the app and changed pickup locations to find them; speaking of which, the Plantation & Hollywood stores also have them too.

Double B Food Cheddar Kolaches
4 Cheddar Kolaches come to a Box

Even though there are instructions to microwave them, don’t. I tried to microwave one, and the texture was that of a soggy pancake.

The best way to heat them is to pop them in the air fryer or regular oven. In my air fryer, it was ready at around the 10-minute mark at 350 degrees.

And let me know if you come across the Double B Foods Cheddar Jalapeño Kolaches… I’ve heard that they’re out there too!

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