Duck Donuts in Naples, Florida

When I walked into Duck Donuts in Naples, Florida (4233 9th Street N), I was solely in a donut mindset.

Duck Donuts in Naples
Duck Donuts in Naples

I’m not sure why I thought Duck Donuts was a Florida Gulfcoast chain. However, after checking out their website, I was blown away by the number of locations nationwide.

Duck Donuts was founded in Duck, North Carolina. Now that answers my other question of, why a duck? Their menu includes not only donuts but breakfast sandwiches and donut sundaes too. I didn’t expect that.

Duck Donuts Box
Duck Donuts Box Art
Inside of Duck Donuts Naples
Inside of Duck Donuts Naples

The donuts at Duck Donuts are legit made to order. Unfortunately, the batter was running low, so the only employee working at the time whipped up a new batch for my box.

These freshly fried vanilla cake donuts caught me off guard. If my family weren’t waiting for me back in Marco Island, I would have ordered a coffee and sat down to enjoy a couple.

I did sneak a bite of the glazed and was floored. I’m a cake/old-fashioned donut kinda fella, so these beauties were right up my alley.

Duck Donuts Donuts
Duck Donuts Dozen
The Dozen

A few days later, I returned to Duck Donuts with my bud Jorge for dessert after some lunch at Valento’s Pizza & Hoagies. He ordered a couple of donuts and a vanilla shake.

The vanilla shake didn’t do it for him, but those donuts did. It could probably be better to say he inhaled rather than ate them cause one second, they were both in the box, and the next, they were gone.

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