13 Taco Spots in Miami You Must Try Video

My friends, The Flept, spent a few months looking for Miami’s best taco spots. And what did they do with that info? What any self-respecting vlogger would do? They made a video!

The 13 Tacos You Must Try in Miami feature some of my favorites, like A-Mari-Mix, The Crazy Toston, Latin House, and Taquiza. I’m happy to see them featuring restaurants that don’t usually make appearances on listicles, which means they did some real homework for this video.

If you don’t follow The Flept on YouTube or Instagram, give them a try. Aileen and Jeremy have also made some other food-related vids like Trying Miami’s Best Frita and The Best Burger in Miami? that you should check out.

So, without further ado, here are some of Miami’s best taco spots.

Miami Tacos You Must Try

13 Taco Spots You Must Try in Miami

Burger Beast Shameless Plug

5-inch Frita

The Flept has featured Burger Beast in the 5 Inch Frita??, Burger Beast Car Hop Drive-In at Cuban Guys, and my now-defunct Burger Museum was featured at the beginning of The Best Burger in Miami video too!

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